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Embedded Internet of Things (IoT) Market Investigated by Mind Commerce in Its New Report Recently Added at MarketPublishers.com

05 Apr 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Owing to a number of factors, chipsets designed for IoT systems possess unique factors comprising the need for optimal energy efficiency. The network effect is clearly evident as the influence of rising interconnected IoT systems is expected to propel the total demand for chipsets given the interdependency of gateways, platforms and devices. RTOS is a vital component to build comprehensive embedded systems for IoT solutions for industrial IoT (IIoT) and consumers. Embedded RTOS is viewed as a major consideration to build mission critical, trustworthy IIoT apps in different industry verticals including automotive, industrial equipment, government sector, telecommunications, etc.

Conventional embedded systems are not competent to provide what the IoT expects from an embedded device networked in IoT; and it presents a great challenge to the development or transformation of contemporary embedded system into an IoT enabled smart embedded system. MEMS are recognized as the important components in a broad spectrum of systems, applications and solution across almost every industry vertical. Top micro-electronics suppliers offer different MEMS solutions like sensor hubs, smart sensors, temperature sensors, UV index sensors and touch sensors. Lucrative growth areas for MEMS comprise some emerging high-tech sectors, for instance, virtual reality, and numerous IoT related areas, for instance, UAVs, connected vehicles, etc.

New research study Embedded Internet of Things: IoT Chipsets, RTOS, Embedded Systems, and MEMS prepared by Mind Commerce Publishing presents a detailed evaluation of the chipset marketplace, examines the unique needs of IoT chipsets, gives a market outlook and comprehensive forecasts for IoT chipsets by region and industry vertical. The study also contains a granular assessment of the RTOS embedded IoT system market and also delves into the MEMS market scenario, and provides data on top players, existing services and products, future possible trends. This publication includes an overview of products that will be developed support IoT, highlights changes in hardware equipment and RTOS required to satisfy needs of IoT, covers emerging tools necessary to support processing of embedded systems in IoT.

Many other insightful research studies elaborated by this publisher are available at the Mind Commerce Publishing page.


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