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World Pharma Marketing Landscape in Digital Age Canvassed in In-demand CBR Pharma Insights Report Available at MarketPublishers.com

14 Mar 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Whilst the pharma industry willingly implements novel technologies to facilitate medical advances, it has been in no haste to introduce technology within the frame of its marketing activities, predominantly relying on conventional methods and channels. At the same time, the declining efficiency of these traditional channels, taking into account ever-changing patient, physician, consumer trends in nowadays’ increasingly digital society, is putting spurs to an evolution of pharma marketing strategies.

In-demand research study “Evolving Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies: Digital as a Key Component of Multichannel Marketing” elaborated by CBR Pharma Insights provides an all-round, unbiased overview of the ever-evolving pharma marketing landscape in the digital age.

The report discusses how the efficient implementation of different approaches to digital marketing, in tandem with traditional channels in an integrated multichannel marketing policy, tends to extend marketing reach, boost audience engagement, provide ROI and enhance methods of tracking ROI for pharmacos. The study sheds light on the different marketing channels available to the pharma universe, and canvasses the factors that drive change within this domain. It assesses how a broad set of digital marketing methods can be effectively integrated into a synergic multichannel marketing strategy that enables both conventional and newer channels to round each other out. Furthermore, the research report offers a deep understanding of key challenges and risks linked to digital marketing approaches, alongside prospective solutions and approaches to tiding over them. It also includes real-world case studies of marketing campaigns and strategies used by pharma.

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