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Iran Oil & Gas Refining Industry Examined by Vistar Business Monitor in Its In-demand Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

13 Mar 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The domestic oil and gas refining industry supplies over 40% of all the energy consumed within the country.

The refining of 1.7 million barrels of crude oil in 9 refineries in Iran produces, among others, around 260 million liters of petroleum products like diesel, gasoline, lamp oil, liquefied gas, and furnace oil.

Looking to improve energy supply safety, alongside the development and optimisation of current refineries, Iran has seen the construction of such gas condensate facilities as the Shiraz and Persian Gulf Star Refineries. Facilities in Bandar Abbas and Abadan to refine extra heavy crude oil are also destined to contribute to the accomplishment of this purpose.

Iran ranks 11th in regards to the global oil refining capacity. With respect to the production of gasoline and diesel, Iran holds the 9th and 13th positions, respectively, worldwide. However, Iran is the largest producer of fuel oil globally. Thus, in case no changes are made to the product baskets of petroleum refiners, and if oil prices keep on remaining low, the industry could be underway towards bankruptcy considering the current approach and the misty pricing tactics used by the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company.

In line with development policies elaborated to promote the quantity and quality of oil refining processes in the post-sanctions period in Iran, measures should be assumed to reduce the volume of fuel oil that the refining companies have in their product portfolios to under 10%.

In-demand report “Iran's Oil and Gas Refining Industry” developed by Vistar Business Monitor is aimed at taking a deep look at the country’s petroleum reserves and at the status of oil-processing plants in Iran, their development plans, risks, pricing, etc.

The research report gives an all-round assessment of Iran’s oil and gas sector, covering overall consumption of primary energy, management of the oil and natural gas sectors, production of crude oil and condensates, natural gas production and exports. The study sheds light on the domestic refinery industry, giving deep insights into oil refineries, novel refinery implementation projects, projects to boost capacity and products’ quality at refineries, share of refineries in manufacturing various products, a comparison of refineries, government policies, and SWOT analysis, among others.

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