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China Vegoil Consumption Volume Stood at Around 30 Mln MT in 2015, According to BOABC Report Available at Marketpublishers.com

06 Mar 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The volume of edible oil (vegoil) consumption stood at close to 30 million MT as of 2015; the sales volume of the product is projected to reach 9 million MT, nearly 30% of the overall volume.

Amid the rapid development of the small packaged vegoil sector, the market observed a high degree of homogenisation and severe competition, and profits kept on decreasing.

Furthermore, a tough competitive situation took place, too, owing to incomplete state standards and reduced technical substance. Currently, the 1st and 2nd line cities’ markets have reached saturation point. Small diversities of high-end vegoils increased by easy stages and became the mainstream whilst the low-end large varieties moved down into towns and the countryside.

To date, it is getting more difficult to come into the market for small packaged edible vegoil, and ongoing brand investments and professional innovation of marketing management are set to become companies’ key measures of success.

In-demand research report “Analysis and Forecast Report of Small Packaged Vegoil Industry in China” created by BOABC is devoted to provide a comprehensive, unbiased assessment of the market across the country. The study discusses the historical development and current situation in the industry, as well as limelights the potential development of the Chinese small packaged vegoil sector. It discusses the use characteristics of the small packaged vegoil industry; tracks the changes in the consumption of small packaged vegoil; characteristics of small packaged vegoil in various regions; includes an evaluation and forecasts on small packaged vegoil production and demand in China. It gives an all-round overview of the sales situation covering sales channels and marketing strategies of small packaged vegoil in the country. Furthermore, the research explores the competitive landscape in the industry and gives a granular analysis of the 15 leading small packaged vegoil producing companies.

More in-demand research reports by the publisher can be found at BOABC page.


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