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Oncolytic Virus to Emerge as Independent Therapeutics in the Offing, Says La Merie Publishing in Its Study Available at MarketPublishers.com

02 Feb 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Amgen’ takeover of BioVex, Inc. in late 2011 has shaken up the previously dormant oncolytic viruses field and became a game changer along with the 2015 approval of the first oncolytic virus Imlygic engineered by BioVex in organised markets. Moreover, besides directly destroying tumour cells, oncolytic viruses were also deemed to also ‘freed’ cancer specific neo-antigens, indirectly acting as a cancer vaccine. 

Still, the insufficient efficacy of oncolytic viruses could be enhanced when paired with immune checkpoint inhibitors. This resulted in a growing partnering interest of the major adding immuno-oncology (I-O) players, as well as of investors who construe oncolytic viruses as a must for I-O combination regimens.

Optimisation of oncolytic viruses is under way, and novel constructs aim to solve some of the open issues pertaining to the method of administration, higher replication capacity of cancer cells, and extended in vivo persistence.

Oncolytic viruses are likely to be positioned as independent therapeutics in the offing, which could compete with I-O compounds and cancer vaccines.

In-demand report “The Oncolytic Virus Landscape 2017: an Analysis of Pipeline, Stakeholders, Deals, Industry Trends & Opportunities” created by La Merie Publishing contains an unbiased and deep analysis of the marketplace.

The study takes a detailed look at the key players, main technologies, projects pertaining to oncolytic virus, business deals, and financing rounds, private and public. The report sheds light on the oncolytic virus pipeline and key stakeholders, particularly amid big pharma/biotech and technology firms. The report gives an analysis of the value of oncolytic viruses regarding partnering terms and conditions, venture capital and private equity financing and public offerings. 

More in-demand reports by the publisher can be found at La Merie Publishing page.


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