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IoT Commercialisation Requires New Go-to-Market Strategy, States Parks Associates in Topical Report Available at MarketPublishers.com

02 Feb 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – IoT is a phrase that draws up a picture of our future world — one in which physical devices, buildings, vehicles, among others, are connected to the Internet and are capable of communicating with other devices. The 5 billion connected ‘things’ available these days are expected to grow into 20-25 billion by 2019-end. Companies are taking prompt actions to capitalise on the tide wave of change, but a host of them have merely had a chip implanted in their devices, labeled them smart and traded them above par. Other businesses just pack their devices with features without making changes to sales or marketing.

Commercialisation of IoT necessitates a new go-to-market strategy, which would rather focus on advantages than features, be based on educating shoppers and consulting channel partners, and involve a far more versatile group of stakeholders and sales tactics and strategies than in former times.

Smart, connected devices are certainly expected to dominate our households, offices, manufacturing plants and cities. Those firms that opt for a smart and insightful approach to introducing their devices to market will likely have the best shot at prospering in the world of IoT.

Topical market research report “Go-to-Market Strategy for IoT: Consumer Insights” elaborated by Parks Associates is aimed at examining smart service and product familiarity in the present-day marketplace. It presents a detailed analysis of the actual status of the home security sector and an updated assessment of the smart home product marketplace. The report gives reliable details on how to make maximum use of marketing channels to boost product adoption within specific segments. These insights equip companies with a way to assess their actual strategy to address this nascent marketplace.

More comprehensive reports by the publisher can be found at Parks Associates page.


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