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Uptake of Discretionary Asset Management is Higher in Developed Countries, States Verdict Retail in Its Study Published at MarketPublishers.com

15 Dec 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Worldwide more than half of high net worth (HNW) investor portfolios are placed in discretionary services. However, the take-up of these services differs from country to country. Across developed markets, the uptake of discretionary asset management is commonly higher in comparison with emerging economies.

Around 81.5% of Singaporean HNW individuals’ portfolios are placed in discretionary mandates – the largest share across the world. The UK and the USA are following after.

China is the world’s major discretionary asset management market in absolute terms, coming second only to the USA. With soaring demand for these services from HNW investors, a host of players will likely seek out options to come into the market.

Dearth of expertise and time are the key factors instigating HNW clients to resort to the services offered by discretionary portfolio managers.

Insightful research report “Discretionary Asset Management: HNW Demand and Drivers” created by Verdict Retail aims to investigate HNW investors' preferences and approaches toward discretionary asset management services from pole to pole. The study analyses the size of the discretionary mandates market and canvasses key drivers lying behind HNWIs opting for such kind of services. The research report thoroughly examines the competitive landscape.

The study gives estimates of the value of HNW assets invested via discretionary mandates, provides a comparison of HNW investors’ desire to require discretionary services in various countries, pinpoints the target groups of clients for discretionary asset managers, investigates and compares the major drivers for discretionary mandates region- and country-wise, analyses robo-advisors' potential to sabotage discretionary asset management business, and more.

More insightful research reports by our partner are available at its page.


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