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Cancer Nanomedicine Market Sees Innovative Developments, According to New Report by Kuick Research Available at MarketPublishers.com

02 Dec 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Over the recent years, a host of revolutionary and innovative approaches have been developed for treating cancer. These techniques are diverse, but each of them has its specific set of unwanted side effects that are dangerous and harmful to the patient’s overall health. The other way round, latest developments in nanomedicine have managed to change it all.

The use of nanomedicines for cancer is one of the largest and most developing segments that contain manifold products in market and clinical pipeline alike. Nanotechnology-based liposome drug products could be seen as one of the most advanced segment amongst oncology medicinal products. For example, Ortho Pharmaceuticals’ Doxil was amid the first cancer nanomedicines approved by the FDA in 1995 for treating HIV-related Kaposi’s sarcoma. Galen Ltd.’s DaunoXome is also a liposomal formulation utilised for the treatment of AIDS-related Kaposi’s sarcoma and clinical research for use of this medicinal drug for leukemia is also under study. There are many more products at various phases of development that are expected to appear in the global market in the offing.

Cancer nanotechnology’s future lies on a multifunctional nanoplatform that amalgamates both therapeutic component elements and multimodal imaging. In the years ahead, nanotechnology is likely to be strategically implemented in novel evolving drug delivery systems which could possibly result in a massive expansion in the drug marketplaces.

Topical research publication “Global Cancer Nanomedicine Market Outlook 2022” by Kuick Research provides qualitative, true insights into the market scenario on a global level.

The report gives a comprehensive overview of nanomedicine and its MoA; sheds light on nanomedicine engineering in terms of design and strategy; takes a deep look at cancer nanomedicine as diagnostic and therapeutic tool. The study canvasses the global cancer nanomedicine market and casts light in its dynamics such as growth restraints and drivers; examines the respective global clinical pipeline based on company, indication and phase; presents an overview of 124 nanodrugs in clinical pipeline; sheds light on 8 marketed cancer nanomedicines. The report examines the competitive pressures existing in the marketplace and offers a discussion of the top 20 market participants. Furthermore, future prospects of the sector are outlined in the research study.

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