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Proton Therapy for Cancer Treatment Sees Unprecedented Demand, Sates iGATE Research in New Study Available at MarketPublishers.com

14 Oct 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The all-time demand for proton therapy for tumour treatment has paved the way for the market to gain rapid traction. While ruining the target cancerous cells, proton therapy inflicts minor damage to the surrounding cells, which turns out to be its key advantage.

The number of proton therapy facilities is sprouting from pole to pole. Still, industry experts are of the view that players will leave out a majority of cancer patients who can get benefit from proton therapy, missing out on an enormous multibillion-dollar potential market. Worldwide, the number of patients undergoing proton therapy is very low, while the prospective candidates for proton treatment are estimated in millions.

IBA takes the lead in the global proton therapy marketplace. Still, other players such as Mitsubishi, Varian, Mevion, Hitachi, etc. have also begun making their presence perceived in the market. The surging demand for proton treatment has urged many top cancer centers worldwide to deliver proton therapy treatment. The number of proton therapy facilities worldwide is set to expand YoY, which in turn is set to lead to more clinical studies, enhanced clinician comprehension, and increased patient awareness about its advantages, which is projected to help stimulate further growth.

New report “Proton Therapy Market Outlook - Global Analysis” drawn up by iGATE Research gives an all-round analysis of of the fast-developing, fast-growth proton treatment marketplace.

The study analyses the current and prospective state of the global proton therapy market, current and potential candidates for proton therapy treatment, global total number of patients undergoing proton therapy, by country. The report offers a global listing of proton therapy centers, planned and operational, specification and the beginning of treatment across the 22 countries reviewed. An in-depth analysis of the challenges and drivers of the market is included as well. For the countries such as the USA and Japan, the report analyses and forecasts the proton therapy market, current and future candidates for proton treatment, a list of proton therapy centers, and a detailed analysis of the local proton therapy companies. For Europe, South Korea, India and China, the report examines the potential proton therapy market, prospective candidates for proton therapy, and lists proton therapy centers across those regions.

Data are provided from 2009 and through to 2021.

More comprehensive studies can be found at iGATE Research page.


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