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Peer2peer Insurance is New and Often Misunderstood, Says Ian Youngman in His Report Available at MarketPublishers.com

03 Oct 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – At present, the insurance ecosystem is the process of transformation and innovation, and this process is currently in its beginning.

All parts of the insurance value chain are undergoing the change, be it pricing, distribution or something else.

Insurance players will have to work hard in order to execute transformation of their core operations in order to become agile, low costs as well as customer centric. Some of them will have the same negative experience as Kodak/Blockbuster has had since they did not manage to transform in a proper way. However, the ones who succeed in the transformation are set to have agility and scale.

FinTech continues to evolve and develop, thus providing solutions to the insurance domain. It faces a serious problem: finding a balance between consumer protection and innovation.

The sharing economy develops the peer-to-peer insurance. But will brokers and insurers regret that they have been ignoring the peer-to-peer insurance?

A number of platforms were created in order to work with both re-insurers and insurers, but others have developed them out of the mix.

In-demand report “Peer2peer Insurance” drawn up by Ian Youngman offers an in-depth insight into the peer-to-peer insurance. The study starts with a global overview of this industry. It focuses on the customer centricity.

The report delves deep into the historic development of this domain and scrutinizes major trends. The research study casts light on country markets like Germany, China, New Zealand, the USA, Norway, and more.

It examines the regulatory landscape both globally and country-wise. The research report throws light on active and not yet active insurers. Brokers and agents are also explored in the study.

The report concentrates on platforms and looks at business models. The research study analyzes payment systems and profiles companies like TongJu Bao, PeersMutual Protection, Ledger Investing, etc. The crowdfunding, reputation and sharing economies are also discussed in the research report.

More in-demand research studies by our partner can be found at his page.


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