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The 8x8 Armored Vehicles Grew in Importance, According to SDI Report Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

16 Aug 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – With the fast transition from tracked to wheeled platforms in the worldwide armoured vehicles marketplace, the significance of 8x8 vehicles have risen many times over during the past several decades. Such vehicles have gained greater popularity owing to their improved mobility and low weight, which leads to enhanced war-fighting capability in a battle area. In addition, these vehicles ensure a longer operational life, while requiring lower maintenance and operational costs.

Large-scale modernisation incentives being undertaken by leading defense spenders worldwide are a major factor that is set to fuel the demand for 8x8 armored vehicles in the offing. The necessity for replacing ageing fleets of vehicles, especially in the European and Asian countries, is poised to further stimulate this sector’s growth.

Modularity is a major attribute that is going viral in 8x8 military vehicles. Propelled by the elevated demand for modular 8x8 vehicles, dominant manufacturers are introducing vehicles that provide better modularity, thereby offering high level of flexibility in critical tactical operations whilst ensuring lower costs.

The 8x8 armored vehicle market in emerging economies is projected to see the fastest growth in the years to come as against traditional markets like the US and Europe. The emerging Asian and the Middle Eastern nations are more focused on modernising their vehicle fleets with a view to enhancing the capabilities of their land power.

In-demand research study “The 8x8 Armored Vehicle Market - Key Drivers, Trends and New Developments” drawn up by SDI offers an up-close look at the market on a global level.

The report gives insights into the key users of 8x8 armored vehicles across the homeland and military departments. It presents a detailed analysis of the factors propelling the 8x8 armored vehicle market growth globally; reviews and canvasses the trends prevailing in the industry; limelights present-day technological trends and novel developments that are forecast to shape the market in the years to come. The study gives a shrewd review of the 5 popular 8x8 vehicles being currently utilised by defense forces worldwide. It discusses recent launches and gives a look at the 5 major 8x8 vehicles that are yet to be deployed. The study offers an analysis of the 5 nations that are set to invest heavily in the industry, alongside recent programmes executed by them; and also looks at the 5 key companies catering to the requirements in the domain.

More studies by our market research partner are available at SDI page.


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