Manned Electric Aircraft Market Has Good Growth Opps, Says IDTechEx in Its Report Available at

04 Jul 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Electric aircraft market development was largely similar to the development of water and electric vehicles markets. Firstly, pure electric small ones emerged, and it was approximately 50 years later than first electric boats and cards did.

Hybrids are very useful when it comes to longer distances coupled with tougher duty cycles. However, these started to get serious investments only recently. This can be partially attributed to regulatory requirements related to aircraft and also tougher demands.

Airbus and Siemens agreed to poll several hundred engineers to work on them in 2016.

In the meantime, Toyota can boast sales of electric cars, forklifts and busses of more than USD 20 billion. BMW and Honda are other successful players.

In-demand research report “Manned Electric Aircraft 2016-2031” prepared by IDTechEx Ltd offers comprehensive discussion of the world’s manned electric aircraft market. The study sheds light on types of powertrain. It focuses on types of hybrid electric aircraft.

The report limelights typical hybrid duty cycles and covers main technologies. The research study analyses energy storage issues. It offers deep insights into existing options. The research report also pays attention to energy harvesting and regeneration issues.

The study looks at energy independent vehicles, as well. It also throws light on opportunities this marketplace has and contains data on major players. Besides, future outlook is contained in the research study.

Report Scope:

  • a bird’s eye view on this marketplace;
  • coverage of technology issues;
  • data on market trends;
  • sales forecasts;
  • future outlook for this marketplace;
  • and more.

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