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USA Testosterone Market Gains Traction at Rapid Pace, Says Koncept Analytics in Its New Report Available at MarketPublishers.com

28 Jun 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The testosterone industry makes up a prominent sector of the pharmaceutical industry. At present, testosterone replacement therapy options are available for treatment of low level of testosterone. There are various forms of testosterone therapy like patches, gels, injections and oral tablets.

There are numerous benefits associated with the testosterone therapy including increasing muscle mass, improved bone mineral density and increased sex drive. However, the increasing awareness of high risk of prostate cancer and cardiovascular diseases after testosterone therapy present the key challenge to the further industry development. Therefore FDA has issued regulations regarding the usage of testosterone therapy.

Recently, the USA testosterone market has significantly suffered from the FDA regulations; but, the country’s testosterone market is coming back on track due to introduction of new more efficient products. Androgel, Axiron and Otrexup are amid the major existing products in the USA testosterone marketplace. Meantime, many other products are expected to be approved in the years to come.

The USA testosterone market is anticipated to see further positive growth, driven primarily by ageing population in the country, rising per capita expenditures on healthcare, declining fertility rates, escalating prevalence of obesity cases in the US and also enhanced risk of developing hypogonadism.

The research report “The US Testosterone Market Report: 2016 Edition” elaborated by Koncept Analytics includes an in-depth overview of the USA testosterone market, focusing on the key products available in the marketplace. The report traces the market dynamics, examines the key growth drivers, challenges, restraints and hinders of the USA testosterone market. This report is also a great source of information on the hottest market issues, lucrative business strategies, the latest product launches, etc. competitive landscape analysis and top companies’ profiles are available in the research study.

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