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Market Publishers Ltd and BrikStats Consulting Sign Partnership Agreement

22 Jun 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd and BrikStats Consulting have recently signed a partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on the Internet. Market Publishers is now authorised to distribute and sell the research reports elaborated by BrikStats Consulting.

Commenting on the agreement, Natalie Aster, Assistant Manager at Partners Department, said: “BrikStats Consulting is focused on examining the worldwide construction marketplace and delivers information based solutions. The company offers an extraordinary blend of analytical tools and research services comprising its proprietary Megaprojects Database – subscription based analytical tool destined for keeping track of global megaprojects and pertinent sub-contracts; advisory and research services as well as a slew of comprehensive custom industry reports. The company’s team of professionals and research workers with 15 years’ infrastructure industry expertise are striving for bringing intelligent, deep insights into the industry, thus enabling clients to make business decisions faster and accomplish them effectively. We are thrilled to have BrikStats Consulting join our big team and hope for the further fruitful and long-term cooperation.”

In-demand Reports by BrikStats Consulting Include:

Indonesia 2016 Construction Outlook: Infrastructure Opportunities with Relative Risk and Challenges. Indonesia has a large base of infrastructure megaprojects. The study covers granular information on the nation´s megaprojects worth USD 330 billion as net project value. Of this, the forthcoming project pipeline captures 27% of the value reaching around USD 88 billion. The report provides a detailed look at the construction and infrastructure sector with an all-round sub-sector level analysis. Whilst identifying the current opportunities in Indonesia, the research publication also casts light on the risks involved and projected returns pertaining to megaprojects. It further provides market size of forthcoming project pipeline in more detail…

Vietnam 2016 Construction Outlook: Infrastructure Megaprojects Opportunities and Challenges. The Vietnamese government has a clear mandate of enhancing its infrastructure and announced its investment plan worth USD 300 billion by end-2030. In the recent past, the country has seen considerable economic development with a 6% increase in GDP, which will likely be as close to other developed nations of Southeastern Asia by 2017-end. Additionally, with the surging stability, Vietnam is evolving into a focus area for a host of foreign investors and is drawing the interest of many Asia-based companies…

Australia 2016 Construction Outlook: Infrastructure Megaprojects Opportunities and Challenges.  Australia’s healthy economy, expanding trade and ever-changing demographics are amid the factors that drive the demand for modern, enhanced infrastructure. There is a constant need in the country to pour money into new infrastructure and also into the maintenance and enhancement of current stock. The domestic infrastructure sector is going through many changes and will likely have even greater opportunities. The country has recently allocated USD 43.9 billion for brownfield and greenfield infrastructure projects. More detailed on the marketplace is available in the report…

More details on the publisher and its studies can be found at BrikStats Consulting page.


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