World Antifouling Paints & Coatings Sector to See 8.6% CAGR till 2021, Says M&M in Its Cutting-Edge Study Published at

22 Jun 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The antifouling paints & coatings market is poised for considerable growth worldwide at 8.6% CAGR to 2021, with its value amounting to USD 9.22 billion.

Antifouling paints & coatings are progressively utilised in underwater surfaces and hulls of tank vessels due to their ability to provide lubricity and perfect polishing effect. In that way, the soaring demand for antifouling paints & coatings in these applications will likely stimulate the growth of the tank vessels segment of the market in the foreseeable future.

In terms of type, copper-based antifouling paints & coatings grabbed the lion’s share of the overall market as of 2015; they are eco-friendly and ensure surfaces of boats or ships are free of fouling, leading to considerable fuel economy and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Geography-wise, the APAC market captured the dominant share of the total antifouling paints & coatings market as of 2015, and it is anticipated to grow the fastest in the oncoming years, driven mainly by the surging demand from the shipping industry for a diversity of applications.

New research report “Antifouling Paints and Coatings Market” elaborated by M&M is devoted to a deep analysis of the marketplace on a worldwide scale. It presents a breakdown of the market on the base of type, application and geographic region. It offers calculations of the market size (by value) for overall market and each of its individual segments. The study investigates key market growth drivers & limiters, lucrative opportunities and key challenges. It includes detailed insights into R&D activities, forthcoming technologies, and new product launches in the marketplace. It contains exhaustive information on novel products, untapped geographic areas, latest developments, and investments in the antifouling paints & coatings market. The research publication provides an accurate analysis of the industry trends, and discusses the environmental regulations across different geographies. It gives an in-depth analysis of market shares, products, growth strategies, and production capabilities of the entrenched industry players like PPG Industries, BASF S.E., Kop-Coat Marine Group, AkzoNobel N.V., and Boero YachtCoatings, and more.

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