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mPOS Assist Merchants in Adapting to Seasonal Peaks, Says New Report by Timetric Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

24 May 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Simple magnetic stripe cards readers (aka dongles) were extensively used by mobile points of sale (mPOS) for years. However, since EMV standards were implemented, EMV mPOS have been growing in popularity.

Such devices are five or more times more expensive than magstripe dongles; that is why low-income merchants choose them not very often.

Cash costs are quite often unclear for smaller-sized merchants, while more efficient cash management is a benefit for large retailers.

Retailers are able to adapt better to seasonal peaks by using mPOS since they are more flexible when it comes to terminal activation and deployment.

Customization of mPOS seems to be not very appealing to large merchants, since many of them can afford developing tailored solutions relying on conventional POS.

New research report “Insight Report: Is Mobile Point of Sale Changing the Retail World?” developed by Timetric offers an up-close look at the mPOS evolution and discusses their adoption into the payment system. The study contains a 360-degree view of the mPOS market.

It covers the global marketplace and focuses on mPOS adoption in each region. The report explores factors that drive the adoption and existing barriers. The research study limelights key developments in this space and investigates key trends.

It concentrates on different business models existing in the industry and casts light on the competitive landscape.

Other Industries and Marketplaces Scrutinized by the Publisher Include:

More new studies by our partner can be found at Timetric page


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