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15 Mar 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Emerging markets (e.g. Latin America, Asia and Africa) currently display the swiftest growth of the smartphone marketplace, while growth of the total market has become more modest over the recent years.

Consumers in mature markets are more dependent on replacement purchases, and a small number of them become first-time purchasers.

Apple and Samsung are set to maintain their position of the world’s largest suppliers of smartphones, but Chinese companies deepen their footprint in the marketplace since the demand for lower-priced smartphones is increasing. Such Chinese phones see the swiftest demand growth from Southern Asia and India.

Mobile broadband infrastructure’s limitations represent a top threat for the smartphone business.

The 5G technology has recently started to gain increasing attention from pole to pole. In the meantime, LTE continues to make enormous inroads.

At present, there are more than 1 billion LTE subscribers across the globe, and APAC commands the largest share of the world’s LTE subscriptions. Operators have initiated to make LTE-A a key focus.

There were more than 116 LTE-A networks being deployed worldwide in early 2016. VoLTE deployments have also posted a considerable increase.

The number of world’s handset shipments is forecast to be more than 2 billion in 2016.

New research report “Global Mobile Communications and Mobile Broadband - Analyses and Statistics” drawn up by BuddeComm offers an up-close look at the world’s mobile communications and mobile broadband marketplace. The study provides an all-encompassing overview of the global mobile market. It contains financial insights for this market and technology insights, discloses valuable statistics and focuses on market trends. The report delves deep into the world’s market for mobile devices and explores the messaging marketplace. The research study casts light on the mobile broadband infrastructure and comprises case studies for different regions and countries. Forecast figures can be found in the research report, too.

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Global Mobile Communications and Mobile Broadband - Analyses and Statistics
Published: March, 2016
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