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Japanese Biosimilar Marketplace Canvassed in New MP Advisors Research Study Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

13 Jan 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Inspiring uptake of Lantus BS and Filgrastim BS in 2015 in Japan testifies the country set to become a key important biosimilar market (after the EU) in the offing.  Less stringent regulatory framework in comparison with the US for approval, rising healthcare costs, and marketers’ strong foothold have played major part in this early uptake, which is at par to one of the best generic small-molecule penetration in Japan in a short run. 

Alternatively, there is an extremely sluggish uptake of Remicade biosimilar one year after launch (around 1% volume share). Biosimilars are still the major weapon to cope with soaring healthcare costs in Japan and there is a forward pressure on Central social Insurance Medical Council (Chu-I-Kyo) by Japan’s Ministry of Finance (Zaimu-sho) to increase utilisation of biosimilars.  Abenomics’ measures and government’s participation in biosimilar use will likely result in the same type of progress for complex mAb biosimilars in the years to come in the country.

Biosimilar of complex mAb structure is an opportunity of cumulative market size of around USD 2.556 billion in the next 3 years in Japan.  It is poised to open doors for the first oncology biosimilar mAb in Japan after Remicade BS launch as of 2014, whilst over the next 7 years it is likely to be cumulative more than USD 5.11 billion market opportunity for the multiple players in the biosimilar universe. 

New report “Japan Biosimilar- Active Players In Quest of a Specialty & Niche BS space” developed by MP Advisors presents a detailed analysis of the trends of,  and/or requirements for regulatory approvals of biosimilar drugs based on Ex-Japan clinical trials  data, factors underpinning each of the major launched biosimilars’ penetration, and the prospective competitive landscape in the biosimilars marketplace in Japan. The study examines BS market of Erythropoietin (EPO), Filgrastim/Pegfilgrastim/ Insulin/Lantus aside from other major complex monoclonal antibody (mAb) biosimilar opportunities and outlines niche opportunities in the Japanese biosimilar market space. It gives details about all major consolidation activities done by Japanese/foreign companies operating in the biosimilar space in the past 5 years and clear-cut summary of strategies of each top player, their interests and focus for future cooperation in the biosimilar market space. 

Report Details:

Japan Biosimilar- Active Players In Quest of a Specialty & Niche BS space
Published: January, 2016 
Pages: 101
Price: US$ 4,000.00 

More reports by the publisher can be found at MP Advisors page.


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