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07 Dec 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – After Facebook had bought Oculus VR, an American virtual reality (VR) technology company, in a USD 2 billion deal, VR recaptured the attention of the international community. With more branded head-mounted displays (HMDs) waiting in the pipeline which are expected to be released in H1 2016, more software and hardware vendors are getting involved in the development of VR applications.

VR hardware is primarily composed of 3 key components: a computing unit that is utilised to display 3D images, a HMD (also referred to as a VR headset) for head movement detection and position tracking, and a controller that is held by the user and utilised for providing input to the content rendered in the HMD. A HMD is the most essential component of all due to its ability to provide users with a higher perceived presence and position of objects by tracking their orientation and movement data in the visual field. As the years passed by, technologies of key components used for tracking orientation and movement data have matured and have considerably enhanced the quality of HMDs. Moreover, prices for HMD have also dropped to a valid range in the consumer marketplace This is why VR applications have again grabbed headlines.

Topical market research publication “Development Trends and Future Opportunities of Virtual Reality and Its Applications” drawn up by Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) provides a complete, unbiased examination of the most up-to-the-minute developments of VR from such dimensions as digital media content, key hardware, and investment opportunities, with a view to providing deep insights into tomorrow’s VR trends.

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Development Trends and Future Opportunities of Virtual Reality and Its Applications 
Published: November, 2015
Pages: 19
Price: US$ 1,500.00 

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