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World Graphene Marketplace Assessed by Future Markets in New Research Report Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

28 Aug 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The world graphene market continues to expand with weekly breakthroughs in technology and production, novel private and public investments and public listings of manufacturers of graphene. There are currently more than 150 companies engaged either in the production of graphene or development of applications, with just as many multinationals carrying out R&D on these materials. 

Comparatively few graphene products have reached the market by now, mainly those that have incorporate graphene additives to improve flexibility and toughness. Products encompass tennis rackets (Head), smartphone touchscreens (Wuxi), flexible battery straps and printed RFID antennas (Vorbeck), bicycle rims (Vittoria), oil-drilling muds (Graphene Nanochem), paint (Graphenstone), cycle helmets (Catlike) and thermometers (Linktop Technology). 

The sensors and desalination membrane sector is expected to see growth in the medium-term. The market, however, is facing a range of considerable challenges that must be overcome. There must be low-cost and scalable manufacturing processes developed and which can be suited for integration into current production processes and regulations. Graphene must also be consistently integrated into products, either as graphene components or graphene compounds. Graphene is also facing competition from incumbent materials like graphite, carbon black and activated carbon which are relatively cheaper now and are produced and trade in large volumes. 

New research study “The Global Market For Graphene and 2-D Materials Technologies, Production, End User Markets and Opportunities Analysis, 2015-2025” developed by Future Markets provides accurate data and forecasts for the global graphene market through to 2025. The report presents deep insights and perspective on the present-day market situation and future trends in end-use markets; includes a detailed analysis of the end-user sectors and technology; limelights key market and technical challenges; key market drivers and trends; products and applications; patent analysis, graphene market size and structure, among other aspects. Furthermore, the research study provides complete company profiles of graphene manufacturers and application developers comprising technology overviews and end-user sectors targeted, as well as profiles the leading research centres. Information on industry activity and breakthroughs in the market during 2013-2015 is included.

Report Details:

The Global Market For Graphene and 2-D Materials Technologies, Production, End User Markets and Opportunities Analysis, 2015-2025 
Published: August, 2015
Pages: 433 
Price: US$ 1,565.00

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