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Chinese Bromhexine Marketplace Canvassed by CRI in New Research Report Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

06 Jul 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Due to worsening air quality, the incidence of respiratory disorders continues to grow, which in turn fuels the expansion of the market size of respective drugs, including bromhexine, a mucolytic (expectorant) agent utilised to treat chronic bronchitis and asthma related to excessive or viscid mucus. The medicine is contained in different formulations such as tablets and injections.

In the recent past, bromhexine has been developing rapidly in China, with total annual sales growing from less than CNY 4 million (over USD 0.644 million) in 2005 to CNY 87.44 million (more than USD 14.085 million) in 2014; increasing at a CAGR of 41% during the review period. To date, bromhexine in the domestic market primarily comes from local enterprises such as Jincheng Haisi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Kelun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Shijiazhuang No.4 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanxi Powerdone Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Ma’ anshan BBCA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, amid which Jiangxi Kelun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. holds the lion’s market share of 32% in terms of sales value in 2014. The size of the country’s bromhexine market is forecast to expand further the oncoming years.

New market research report “Investigation Report on China Bromhexine Market, 2010-2019” elaborated by China Research and Intelligence (CRI) provides true insights into the Chinese bromhexine marketplace. It assesses the market size of bromhexine; gives data on sales value and volume of bromhexine during 2010-2014; examines the market shares (by sales value and volume) of the top bromhexine manufacturers in China from 2010 to 2014; provides a comprehensive look at the dosage forms of bromhexine in the country (by sales volume and value); examines reference prices of bromhexine in the country’s hospitals as of 2014. Furthermore, the 5 leading producers of bromhexine in the Chinese market are thoroughly examined during 2010-2014, as well as comprehensive market size and competitive scenario forecasts through to 2019 are provided in the research.

Report Details:

Investigation Report on China Bromhexine Market, 2010-2019
Published: June, 2013 
Pages: 30 
Price: US$ 2,000.00

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