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08 Apr 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Electronic warfare (EW) – any action that involves the usage of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum or directed energy disable or confuse an enemy's electronics, gives rise to security failures, leaks of data, and a hike in operational costs for governments and military organisations. Over the past year, there was an increase in the number of electronic attacks, with electromagnetic jamming being preferred over other techniques. Among the key challenges that the governments and/or defense organisations are currently facing in coping with electronic warfare threats include a dearth of awareness as well as diverse and constantly evolving threats.

Overall, 39% of executives anticipate just under USD 250 million of investments will be toward electronic warfare during the next couple of years. The USA and China are expected to significantly spend on electronic warfare over the next two years.

BAE Systems plc, Northrop Grumman Corporation and Exelis Inc. are amid the leading market players.

In-demand report “Electronic Warfare - Emerging Trends, Approaches, Key issues and Investment Outlook” developed by Strategic Defence Intelligence (SDI) provides a comprehensive picture of the global electronic warfare universe.

The study presents a deep analysis of the possible effects of electronic warfare on governments and different military organisations; provides highlights of techniques and systems that are most often utilised for electronic attacks, electronic protection and electronic warfare support. It examines executives’ points of view toward the key challenges being faced by governments and/or defense organisations in dealing with sophisticated electronic warfare threats. Additionally, the research publication analyses planned investments in electronic warfare over the coming two years, as well as expected changes in budget for electronic warfare in 2015.

Report Details:

Electronic Warfare - Emerging Trends, Approaches, Key issues and Investment Outlook
Published: March, 2015
Pages: 49 
Price: US$ 1,950.00

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