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Recombinant Clotting Factor Marketplace Discussed by La Merie Publishing in In-demand Study Available at MarketPublishers.com

02 Feb 2015 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The overall market size of the 2 recombinant factor VII (rFVII) products as of 2013 was USD 1,566 million, a 4.9% YoY increase. Since 2005, the rFVIIa market posted an AAGR of 8.3% - the highest continuous annual rate of growth of the 3 various recombinant coagulation factor markets. During 2013, The Medicines Company and Bristol-Myers Squibb have signed a global licence agreement and two-year collaboration for Recothrom – the only marketed recombinant thrombin. The product generated sales of USD 63.3 million in 2013. In the first 9 months of 2014, Recothromb generated revenues of USD 46.5 million.

Biogen Idec is the first biopharma company to have launched recombinant long-acting factor VIII and IX molecules in the United States. Alprolix (rFIXFc) recorded revenues of US4 35 million during the first 5 months after launch into the US market, and just 10 weeks after the launch, Eloctate (rFVIIIFc) had generated sales of USD 22 million.

In-demand report “Recombinant Coagulation Factors 2015: Maturation of recombinant clotting factor pipeline and emergence of gene therapy and alternative procoagulants” created by La Merie Publishing contains an unbiased analysis of recombinant coagulation factors utilised for controlling bleeding of hemophilia A and B as well as other bleeding disorders. It assesses the market’s commercial development in view of a very strong pipeline and entry of novel competitor products into the market by analysing the 2013 sales data along with 9-month sales figures for 2014. The profiles of candidates in development are discussed for recombinant coagulation factors VII, VIII and IX, as well as for gene therapeutics, alternative procoagulants and immune tolerance inducing (ITI) agents. The study sheds light on the competitive landscape of both classical recombinant coagulation factors and new emerging treatment options of hemophilia and also other heavy bleeding orders. Additionally, the research report provides a future outlook of the market up to 2015, along with identifying and characterising the trends shaping the sector’s future development path.

Report Details:

Recombinant Coagulation Factors 2015: Maturation of recombinant clotting factor pipeline and emergence of gene therapy and alternative procoagulants
Published: December, 2014
Pages: 210
Price: US$ 2,795.00 

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