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19 Nov 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Dairy snacks are the largest category within the snacking sector, popular around the word for providing a nutritious and healthy option. Their use will keep on rising as they satisfy consumers’ need for indulgence, besides offering age-specific nutritional value.

The emerging APAC region offers a huge opportunity for marketers. Snacks consumption per capita is projected to nearly double in terms of volume through to 2017. Marketers, though, should be cautious that the products they introduce into the emerging region are specifically tailoured to satisfy the varying needs and appetites of Asia’s population. Western Europe is also abounding in lucrative opportunities, with snacking making up a booming part of people’s everyday lifestyles. Despite Western Europeans comprising only 8.5% of the world’s population, they consume more than 30% of snacks worldwide. This leaves a big market, plenty of exiting opportunities for intensifying competition and launches of innovative products.

Surging obesity related health problems mean certain consumers are tending to limit, or even cease, snacking. Manufacturers are required to focus on moderation and offer smaller, individually-sized portions of their snacking products.

Topical research report “Snacking - understanding existing trends, capitalizing on new trends and looking to counteract inhibitors in the market” drawn up by Canadean provides detailed and unbiased insights into novel opportunities in the snacking marketplace, allowing for up-close monitoring of the development over time. The study provides an explicit understanding of how consumers’ habits have been evolving from pole to pole as well as a renewed understanding of the ever-changing lifestyles of consumers, enabling to reveal the emerging opportunities in the snacking market. In-depth analysis of economic environment and major consumer demographic groups is included, too.

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Snacking - understanding existing trends, capitalizing on new trends and looking to counteract inhibitors in the market
Published: May, 2014
Pages: 85
Price: US$ 7,995.00

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