Market Publishers Calls for Participation in the 2014 Supply Chain in Oil and Gas Forum

22 Apr 2014 • by Natalie Aster
Market Publishers Calls for Participation in the 2014 Supply Chain in Oil and Gas Forum

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd is excited to call for participation in the 2014 Supply Chain in Oil and Gas Forum, taking place from 19th to 21st of May 2014 in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates.

The primary goal of any oil & gas firm is to achieve an optimum level of exploration, production and efficient processing. Still, the importance of managing and supervising the companies’ activities in the supply chain process to mitigate costs as well as insure efficient operations in every stream possible is on a constant rise. Hence, optimal supply chain and logistics solutions should be utilized to maintain the supply chain operations visible and smooth.

Enhancing supply chain operational processes for the capital-intensive oil & gas industry requires careful consideration for risks and trade-offs. A viable value chain helps to mitigate the risk, manage the warehouse inventory strategies, monitor the transportation and logistics services, control the demand and supply, and ensure the most flawless procurement strategy by designing short- to long-term supply chain strategies.

Procurement and supply chain management experts have come to an understanding of the necessity of upgrading the infrastructure to deal with the level of urgency and demand. Efficient strategies have to be put in place to evaluate how to ensure the delivery and subsequent transportation of equipment on time and avoid project delays and extra expenses.

The 2014 Supply Chain in Oil and Gas Forum is targeted to exploring the latest strategies and regulations in supply chain management. Industry experts from all over the globe will gather together this May in Abu Dhabi to discuss the most crucial industry related challenges and to think up the most appropriate solutions as well as the best practice strategies for tackling these pressing issues.

Event Details:

2014 Supply Chain in Oil and Gas Forum
Dates: May 19-21, 2014
Location: Abu Dhabi, the UAE

Major Themes to be Raised at the 2014 Supply Chain: 2nd Global Praxis Interactive Forum:

  • Risk Management and Compliance in Supply Chain
  • Demand and Supply Planning
  • Strategy for Supply Chain
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Warehouse Inventory Management
  • Green Purchasing and Procurement Strategies 

Industry Leaders to Speak at the 2014 Forum:

  • Taher Salem Saeed, Head of Technical Purchasing, Supply Chain Management Division of GASCO and Chairman of the 2014 Supply Chain: 2nd Global Praxis  Interactive  Forum;
  • Juwad Al Omari, 2014 Supply Chain Committee  Leader, Regional  Sourcing  Leader – MEA  from GE Water and Process;
  • Paul Smith, Managing  Director  from  DEUGRO; 
  • Ian  Heptinstall, Managing Director from PMMS MIDDLE EAST;
  • Rebecca Fox, General Manager from CIPS MENA;
  • Arthur Brunton, Supply Synergies' Managing Director;
  • and others … 

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