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Pharma KAM Adoption, Opportunities & Challenges Discussed by FirstWord in In-demand Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

04 Mar 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Nowadays, Key Account Management (KAM) is deemed as an essential tool used by companies, who are eager to influence product adoption, boost product revenues and improve sales volume. KAM exists for close to 10 years, and yet numerous companies have failed, whilst some of them keep on doing so, to develop a full and effective KAM model. In spite of early success of KAM, and a slew of opportunities it promises for companies, the industry executives have often been slow in KAM adoption on account of the fear and inexperience.

The number of certain team restructures within the pharma sector is evidence to the multiple attempts to get KAM right. Sometimes KAM practice is only partially adopted, while in other cases KAM is merely a token effort with the present rep sales force being rebranded. Sometimes the necessary operation and cultural changes are just skin deep or the KAM initiative has not been allowed ample time to bed in.

In-demand report “Effective Pharma KAM Teams - the essential factors driving performance” worked out by FirstWord grants access to experts’ opinions regarding highly-experienced KAM practitioners who are recognized as leaders in the pharma field and were part of pharma’s initial ground-breaking KAM teams.

The report provides an understanding of how companies adopt the KAM and become a fully integrated key account organization; thoroughly discusses the major factors shaping the operating environment and also identifies and discusses the essential qualities required in a competent KAM set up. It sheds light on the historical background of KAM and its implementation, evaluates the current market trends, which make effective KAM essential. The research study contains valuable case studies of the top experts and those, who are running successful KAM operations. The report also uncovers data on key attributes required for a key account manager, highlights a KAM infrastructure, outlines the main challenges arising against KAM implementation, and scrutinizes the major practical recruitment drivers, training and team structures.

Report Details:

Effective Pharma KAM Teams - the essential factors driving performance
Published: January, 2014
Pages: 52
Price: US$ 495.00 

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