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Market Publishers Calls for Participation in 2nd Annual Middle East Smart Cities Summit in Doha, Qatar

05 Nov 2013 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd is pleased to call for participation in the 2nd Annual Middle East Smart Cities Summit, happening on the 9-10 December 2013 in Doha, Qatar.

Today, the Middle East region is experiencing and responding to impacts stemming from a steadily urbanizing population – a result of which, a process of retrofitting existing cities with new and modern urban intelligence has begun to take shape. Some of the leading cities within the region have started to push this concept further and are exploring how smart cities can add a value within a strategic framework and could help to address the scarcity of resources, reduce cost of living, reduce environmental impact, increase safety and make people’s lives more comfortable and easy.

Fleming Gulf's 2nd Annual Middle East Smart Cities Summit will aim at addressing the need for development of smart city projects in the region. With primary focus on controlling energy and resource consumption, adapting to a changing urban infrastructure and lifestyle and meeting society's expectations in city planning, the summit will host leading speakers from in and around the region who are turning smart city plans to reality.

Event Details:

2nd Annual Middle East Smart Cities Summit
Date: Monday 9 December 2013 – Tuesday 10 December 2013
Location: Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel, Doha, Qatar

Platinum Smart Interoperability Partner of the summit - COBA; a leading solution provider for development of Smart Buildings and Cities quoted in an interview, “Building a fully inter-operable Smart City enables new level of user experience for all occupants and professional users. Relevant information and ability to control all systems can be provided to all stakeholders: Occupants, Facility Managers, Security and Safety Service providers, Utility providers, Civil Defense and Authorities like Ministry of Interior. New level of resilience results from visibility and enhanced controllability. Building a Smart City is also very good business due to lower investment cost, superior usability and much lower operating cost.”

Other sponsors of the summit include Vodafone as Titanium M2M Partner; LONIX as Platinum Smart Building Connectivity Partner; Granlund as Platinum Smart Energy Logistics Partner; Exilight as Platinum Smart Lighting Solutions Partner; Reign as Platinum Smart BMS Solutions Partner; and Merytronic as Platinum Smart Grid Network Partner. The summit is designed to provide a common platform for industry experts, government officials and stakeholders to share their thoughts, technologies, research concepts and discuss various related issues and challenges to enable a sustainable growth model for a rapidly evolving Smart Arab Society.

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