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Contrast Agents Are Significant for MRI Quality, Reports Kalorama Information

08 Aug 2012 • by Natalie Aster

Contrast agents play a significant role in improving the quality of MRI diagnostic images by increasing the contrast between different internal structures or types of tissues in various disease states. Most contrast agents that have been approved for human use are extracellular, gadolinium (Gd)-based agents that have a relatively short residence time in the vascular system. In addition, intracellular agents have been introduced that have longer residence times and which allow make possible extended imaging procedures without the need for repeated injections of the agent.

The new report "Medical Imaging Markets: Contrast Agents" by Kalorama Information states that many MRI contrast agents that are on the market are applied, for the most part, to image the central nervous system, but they also are used to check for cancer, inflammation or to evaluate blood vessels.

Report Details:

Medical Imaging Markets: Contrast Agents
Published: July, 2012
Pages: 145
Price: US$ 3.995,00

These agents improve the resolution of MRI images by increasing the brightness in various parts of the body where the agent resides. The types of imaging media often used are chelated Gd or manganese, and super-small coated iron oxide particles. The superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) particles have sizes ranging from 0.05 micron to 0.40 micron. The particles are coated with such materials as dextran or starch. Several superparamagnetic iron oxide contrast agents are available in the market. MRI contrast agents lead to better patient diagnosis and staging. They could be cost effective when assessing medical treatments and optimizing patient outcomes.

More information can be found in the report “Medical Imaging Markets: Contrast Agents” by Kalorama Information.

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