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Market Publishers Ltd and Sustainable Venture Intelligence Sign Partnership Agreement

27 Apr 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd and Sustainable Venture Intelligence signed partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on Internet. MarketPublishers.com is now authorized to distribute and sell Sustainable Venture Intelligence reports.

“We are happy to announce that from today we start a new partnership with Sustainable Venture Intelligence (SVI) – a business unit of the UK-based company Sustainable Venture Development Partners. With broad experience in the low carbon, B2B intelligence and event management sectors, their team is devoted to delivering wide-ranging intelligence reports to entrepreneurs and corporate venturing units and all those with interest in the fast-growing low carbon and renewable energy field. Positively, the agreement we’ve entered into with SVI will be beneficial to both parties, as well as to our numerous clients the world over,” commented Tanya Rezler, Assistant Manager at Partners Department at Market Publishers Ltd.

In-demand reports by Sustainable Venture Intelligence:

Sustainable Venture Insights: Sustainable Commercial Property. The research report provides a clear overview of the UK sustainable commercial property market and the nature of the opportunities within it. It evaluates market dynamics; new, existing and future legislation (current requirements and future government interventions); investment activity (updates on fund, REIT and institutional performance); as well as case studies including entry or development strategies in the sector …

Sustainable Venture Insights: Renewable Heat Markets. The study gives true insights into the domestic, commercial and industrial renewable heat markets in the UK. To identify the key opportunities for renewable heat development throughout the country, the report examines market segments, customer needs, policy, cost drivers, technology groups, legislation and tariff levels. Furthermore, proprietary forecasts for current and projected incentives as well as performance and payback data for existing renewable heat technologies are also provided …

More details on the publisher and its reports can be found at Sustainable Venture Intelligence page.


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