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New Topical Cutting-Edge Market Reports by Euromonitor International Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

17 Apr 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that new cutting-edge market research reports by Euromonitor International have been added to its catalogue.

Sunscreens: Trusted Ingredients Expand Their Horizons. Consumer awareness of the potentially adverse effects of sun exposure has never been higher and there is rising demand for products that can offer protection. Sunscreen ingredients are, therefore, attracting considerable attention, not only from the sun care market but also from other personal care categories, such as skin and hair care. This report assesses global sunscreen trends, looking at market sizes and segmentation and exploring some of the drivers impacting usage and development …

Travel and Tourism in US Virgin Islands. The US Virgin Islands is a tourism-driven region, with tourism accounting for 80% of both total GDP and employment. Although some Caribbean countries are currently enduring a painful recovery from the global recession, the number of tourists visiting the US Virgin Islands has increased over the last two years, along with incoming tourist receipts. The study offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides all-covering information on the market dynamics, participants and future …

New Product Developments in Consumer Health. Consumer health innovation is thriving, for example with novel and convenient delivery formats that integrate into consumers' fast-paced lifestyles. Global demographic shifts are driving demand for targeted products, and emerging markets are the source of many new offerings. Vitamins and dietary supplements, as well as formulations including herbal/traditional ingredients, are popular across all regions. Established products are exploring new delivery mechanisms and formulas to stand out. More details and comprehensive market analysis can be found in the report …

RYO Tobacco and The New Age of Total Tobacco. The appeal of RYO (fine cut tobacco) is as a lower cost, self-rolled alternative to cigarettes. This report quantifies the price advantage and examines the markets which drive the global fine cut industry to see if there is real potential for RYO to expand beyond its current niche. The study offers a deep insight into the industry, presents key market data and information on the market players, key brands, competitive landscape and future projections …

Travel and Sustainability: Striking the Right Balance. Travel and tourism is moving towards a more sustainable business model. Sustainable tourism is being driven by economic, regulatory and stakeholder pressure, with consumers increasingly favouring sustainable services and products. Tourism players are becoming more aware of the need to focus more on sustainability in order to reduce costs, boost profits and attract new guests, as well as to benefit from cost-saving opportunities. Major market information and all-covering industry analysis, data on brands and market players, competitive situation, hot topics within the market and its future trends and developments are discussed in the report …

More new market reports by the publisher can be found at Euromonitor International page.


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