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Most Up-to-Date NanoMarkets Reviews & Researches Recently Published at MarketPublishers.com

20 Feb 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd informs that new market reviews of most up-to-date products and technologies by NanoMarkets have been added to its catalogue.

The Markets for Flexible Glass – 2011. The concept of displays that can be rolled up and put in a pocket, or solar and lighting panels that conform to contours of a building fabric are attractive ideas, both from aesthetic and practical standpoints. Flexible glass brings to the market the familiarity, transparency, rigidity, thermal stability and scratch resistance that conventional plastics cannot offer. The report examines the market for flexible glass over the next eight years. This report examines the flexible glass products currently on the market and where they are likely to generate new revenues …

Transparent Conductors in Thin Film and Organic Photovoltaics – 2012. The study provides a detailed coverage of materials and markets in the photovoltaics sector. It examines the changing opportunities for different kinds of transparent conductors in the TFPV and organic PV industry. It discusses how transparent conductors will find markets and help create value for suppliers of leading edge PV technologies under the changed circumstances that PV faces today in which government subsidies are under threat and there are huge pressures to reduce TFPV costs to make it competitive with c-Si PV and with other sources of energy in general …

BIPV Glass Markets – 2012. The report delves into the BIPV, smart windows and related markets to provide an eight year forecast and roadmap for BIPV products. It examines and quantifies the market for BIPV products worldwide with coverage of both commercial and residential markets and a special consideration of the immediate market for BIPV in prestige buildings of various kinds. The report also projects the development of BIPV in the coming years …

Smart Coatings and Photovoltaics 2012. The study examines the emerging opportunities for selling “smart” coatings into the solar panel industry. The potential for self-cleaning, self-healing, electrochromic and thermochromic coatings in the PV applications is reviewed over the next eight years. The study covers an assessment of where revenue generation will occur and which companies are likely to be the winners and losers in this space. The report also includes a detailed eight-year forecast of smart coating usage in the PV space, broken out by coated area and market value …

More new market reports by the publisher can be found at NanoMarkets page.


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