New SBI Research on Clean Coal Technologies Markets and Trends Worldwide

24 Jan 2012 • by Natalie Aster

In reviewing the figures above it is clearly evident that in comparison to the United States and rest of the world, China is the global leader in terms of clean coal technology investments.

However, it is also important to note that the significant impact that the uncertain regulatory environment has on clean coal technology projects. Uncertainty about the future direction of regulations that impact coal-fired power and clean coal technologies has resulted in the cancellation of numerous proposed projects around the world. For instance, in July 2011, American Electric Power, cancelled plans to build a commercial-scale plant for capturing carbon dioxide emissions. As a state-regulated utility, AEP was not able to increase its electrical rates to cover its portion of the investment unless there were new federal regulations requiring the company to make the investment. As previously stated, neither Congress nor the Environmental Protection Agency has taken action to force utilities to limit their carbon emissions.

According to the report “Clean Coal Technologies Markets and Trends Worldwide, 2nd Edition” by SBI, since 2007, more than 50 clean coal technology projects have been cancelled or put on hold just in the United States. In order for the market value of CCTs to achieve a significant foothold governments will need to not only ensure regulatory stability but continue to fund research, development and demonstration initiatives.

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Clean Coal Technologies Markets and Trends Worldwide, 2nd Edition
Published: January 2012
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  • Jigs: In this application raw coal is introduced into a pulsating bath of water. The raw coal is moved across a perforated plate with water pulsating through it. A stratified bed of material is established with the heavier rock at the bottom and the lighter coal at the top. At the discharge end, the refuse is removed from the clean coal. Typical size ranges treated in a jig are 75 mm to 12 mm.
    Concentrating tables: A concentrating table consists of a riffled rubber deck carried on a supporting mechanism, connected to a head mechanism that imparts a rapid reciprocating motion in a direction parallel to the riffles. The slide slope of the table can be adjusted. A cross flow of water is provided by means of a launder mounted along the upper side of the deck. The feed enters just ahead of the water supply and is fanned out over the table deck by differential motion and gravitational flow. The raw coal particles are stratified into horizontal layers. The clean coal overflows the lower side of the table, and the discard is removed at the far side. Tables operate over coals ranging in size from 5mm to 0.5 mm.
  • Spirals: The treatment of coal fines with spirals utilizes a principle whereby raw fine coal is carried down a spiral path in a stream of water and centrifugal forces direct the lighter coal particles to the outside of the stream and the heavier particles to the inside. A splitter device at the discharge end separates the fine coal from the fine refuse. Spirals are used as a cleaning devise on 2 mm to 0.1 mm size coal fractions.
  • Water-only cyclones: Water-borne raw coal is fed tangentially under pressure into a cyclone, resulting in a whirlpool effect and centrifugal forces move the heavier material to the cyclone wall and from there they are transported to the underflow at the spigot. The lighter particles (coal) remain in the centre of the whirlpool vortex and are removed upwards via a pipe known as a vortex finder to the overflow. The exact density of separation can be adjusted by varying pressure, vortex finder length and diameter, and apex diameter. The water-only cyclone typically treats material in the 0.5 mm to 0.1 mm size range and is operated in two stages to improve eparating efficiency.

More information can be found in the report “Clean Coal Technologies Markets and Trends Worldwide, 2nd Edition” by SBI.

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