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Children’s Media Consumption Issues Examined in Updated Reports Available at MarketPublishers.com

16 Jan 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd informs that updated in-demand market reports by CHILDWISE have been added to its catalogue.

CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2011-12 - Computers and the Internet. The report highlights a whole row of issues on children's ownership and use of computers, and their use of the Internet. It monitors children’s behavior and consumption trends and is based on an insightful interview of youngsters across a number of regions of the UK …

CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2011-12 - Television Viewing. Children's television viewing habits is the key focus of the study. It examines the major issues within this large topic, provides statistics on the youngsters’ behavior, media consumption trends and brand attitudes. The study is a complete overview of a vast number of interviews with UK children and teenagers …

CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2011-12 - Mobile Phones. The report covers a deep-look examination of the children’s and teenagers’ attitudes, consumption, ownership and use of mobile phones. It offers information on the key trends and developments within the industry related to children. The study compiles the results of the analysis of UK children media issues …

CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2011-12 – Reading. The study a comprehensive annual report focused on children's and teenagers' media consumption, brand attitudes and key behavior. It highlights the issues of children's usage of magazines and books and provides an in-depth look into the issue …

More new and updated market reports by the publisher can be found at CHILDWISE page.


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