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New Report on Electrical and Magnetic Neurostimulation by Kalorama Information

29 Dec 2011 • by Natalie Aster

Stimulation of muscles and nerves by the use of electrical stimulation, notably TENS and EMS, has long been part of pain management. But recent developments, such as implanted technologies and the small size/low cost systems have created a pathway for increased usage and revenue growth. The growing approval of these applications by government regulators and insurance carriers has helped boost demand.

According to the report “Electrical and Magnetic Neurostimulation: Applications, Technologies, and Market Potential” by Kalorama Information, several implanted electrode therapeutic systems have recently emerged in the market and the potential of this market has clearly caught the eye of pharmaceutical and microelectronics companies, which are actively expanding their stake in electrode therapeutics through research, collaborations, and acquisitions. These actions will push more applications into the marketplace, and medical insurance will likely recognize a long-term savings for electronic treatment of chronic and debilitating conditions.

Report Details:

Electrical and Magnetic Neurostimulation: Applications, Technologies, and Market Potential
Published: Feb, 2010
Pages: 150
Price: US$ 3.500,00

Approximately ten to thirty percent of patients with depression do not respond to drug treatments commonly used for the disorder, and this has spurred a search for alternatives. Electrode devices that stimulate nerves have emerged as a solution and there is competition among notable device companies to provide the most effective stimulator.

Between 15 and 20 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from depression and the patient population corresponds to a potential market value of $16 billion annually for all cases of depression and a $4-5 billion potential market for drug refractory cases. This potential has attracted the notice of pharmaceutical, medical device and microelectronics companies. Although the device route is limited by its cost, which at the current time exceeds that of drug therapy, the cost differential could be reimbursed through savings in antidepressant drug costs.

More information can be found in the report “Electrical and Magnetic Neurostimulation: Applications, Technologies, and Market Potential” by Kalorama Information.

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