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Global Mobile Commerce Market Reviewed in New Research Study Published at MarketPublishers.com

01 Dec 2011 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Mobile commerce (m-commerce) – the ability to purchase goods anywhere through a wireless Internet-enabled device – is slowly becoming a dominant force in business and society. Its definition is often constrained to certain device assumptions, use case scenarios, and business models. Though, m-commerce may also be used in business-to-business (B2B) scenarios as well as applied to a host of governmental and general "public service" B2B situations.

New market research study “Mobile Commerce in Public Service: Expanding Beyond Consumer Services” worked out by Mind Commerce Publishing has been recently published at Market Publishers Ltd.

Report Details:

Title: Mobile Commerce in Public Service: Expanding Beyond Consumer Services
Published: November, 2011
Pages:  118
Price: US$ 1,995

The research study provides thorough examination of the present and the potential future market for an expanded view of mobile commerce (m-commerce) applications during the period spanning 2012-2017. It identifies future applications like location-based services (LBS) along with augmented reality (AR) and shows how government can use these technologies to save expenses. The report identifies key issues and concerns as well as the role of m-commerce in public service. In-depth coverage of the global m-commerce market and revenue potential is also included.

Reports Contents:

1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 M-commerce Applications
1.2 Mobile Learning
  1.2.1 The M-learning Ecosystem
  1.2.2 M-learning Challenges
  1.2.3 M-learning Features
  1.2.4 M-learning OS
  1.2.5 Smart Phones and M-learning
  1.2.6 Networking Technology
  1.2.7 Wide Area Network
  1.2.8 Metropolitan Area Networks (MANS)
  1.2.9 Local Area Networks (LAN)
  1.2.10 Personal Area Networks (PAN)
1.3 Case Study: Vodafone Academy
  1.3.1 Future Trends
  1.3.2 M-learning Markets
1.4 M-business
  1.4.1 M-business Applications
  1.4.2 M-business Technologies
  1.4.3 M-business Challenges
  1.4.4 WML
  1.4.5 Location Identification Technology
  1.4.6 Payment Methods
  1.4.7 Requirements of Mobile Commerce Security
  1.4.8 Basics of Security
  1.4.9 Mobile Security
  1.4.10 Network Infrastructure and Security
  1.4.11 WLAN Standards
  1.4.12 WAP Security
  1.4.13 Payment Methods in M-commerce39
  1.4.14 Content Download
  1.4.15 Point of Sale
  1.4.16 Content on Device
1.5 Mobile Payment
  1.5.1 Mobile Payment Methods
  1.5.2 "In-Band" Payment Method42
  1.5.3 Proximity
  1.5.4 Common Issues of Mobile Payment
  1.5.5 Payment Lifecycle
  1.5.6 Mobile Payment Value Chain
  1.5.7 Mobile Payment Systems
  1.5.8 Current M-payment Market
  1.5.9 Paybox
  1.5.10 Paybox Disadvantages
  1.5.11 M-payment Analysis49
  1.5.12 Money Transfers
1.6 Mobile Commerce and E-government
  1.6.1 E-government
  1.6.2 The Future of E-government Concept
  1.6.3 E-government to Mobile Government (Government on Go Concept)
  1.6.4 Benefits of M-commerce in Governments Services and the ROI
  1.6.5 M-commerce in Public Service Applications
  1.6.6 Case Study: How M-commerce can Save Costs for the Governments
  1.6.7 The Effect on the Economy
  1.6.8 Cell BroadcasT Service (CBS)
  1.6.9 Celltick
  1.6.10 (MMS) Multimedia Messaging Service
  1.6.11 Mozat63
  1.6.12 Anny Way MMS
  1.6.13 Unified Messaging
  1.6.14 Cycos AG
1.7 Augmented Reality in Public Service
  1.7.1 Introduction
  1.7.2 AR 3D Applications
  1.7.3 Tracking User's Position
  1.7.4 M-commerce in Public Service Branches
  1.7.5 Toll Systems
  1.7.6 Mobile Commerce in Health Care
  1.7.7 M-commerce Applications in Health Care
  1.7.8 Healthcare Issues
  1.7.9 M-commerce WITH RFID in Health Care
1.8 M-commerce in Agriculture
1.9 M-commerce in Aviation
  1.9.1 E-check
  1.9.2 Security Needs for Identity Verification
  1.9.3 Baggage Tracking
  1.9.4 M-commerce Applications in Aviation
  1.9.5 Contactless Smart Card
  1.9.6 Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology
  1.9.7 Using 4G Technology
  1.9.8 Future Trends
1.10 M-commerce Market Forecast 2012-2017
  1.10.1 UK Mobile Commerce Revenue 2011-2017
  1.10.2 The Future of M-commerce to 2017
1.11 M-commerce in 201799
  1.11.1 Services and Applications
  1.11.2 NFC WORLD Market Forecast 2012-2017
  1.11.3 Worst Case Scenario
1.12 The Worst Case Scenario in Professional Use
  1.12.1 The Government Role
  1.12.2 Security
1.13 M-Banking Potential Revenues and Issues 2012-2017
  1.13.1 Overview
  1.13.2 M-payment Issues
  1.13.3 Transaction Types

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