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Middle East LNG Markets Review Recently Published by MarketPublishers.com

10 Nov 2011 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The LNG industry of the Middle East countries like Oman, Qatar, the UAE and Yemen is experiences a long-way sustainable increase nowadays. According to various projections, the markets are to witness further boom driven by various factors.

New market research studyMiddle East LNG Market Opportunities, Trends and Drivers to 2020prepared by LNGReports has been recently published by Market Publishers Ltd.

The study delves into a deep discussion and factual analysis of the total Middle East LNG industry. It covers a complete overview of its dynamics and a detailed presentation of the projected development of these markets.

Report Details:

Title: Middle East LNG Market Opportunities, Trends and Drivers to 2020
Published: November, 2011
Pages: 138
Price: US$ 3,500

Report Contents:

1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures

2.1 Impact of Current Global LNG Surplus Scenario on Middle East Exports
  2.1.1 Low demand from OECD Europe and America to Continue to 2014
  2.1.2 Global LNG Demand Short Term Outlook
  2.1.3 Amidst low demand Conditions and competition from Africa, new Supply Projects are likely to witness delays
2.2 Middle East LNG Exports to Increase by 52% over the next decade
  2.2.1 Middle East Annual LNG Production Forecast, 2000- 2020
2.3 Iran, Iraq, Bahrain and Israel Offer new LNG Construction and Contract Opportunities
  2.3.1 Middle East Planned LNG Projects and Investments, 2011- 2015
2.4 Middle East Exporters Generate over 6% of their GDP Earnings through LNG exports on Average
  2.4.1 Middle East LNG Sales Revenues by Country, 2010
2.5 Over 21% of Middle East Gas Exports are made through LNG tankers
2.6 Low Gas Supply Costs and Technological Advantages Lead to lower LNG Production Costs for Middle East Exporters
2.7 Unlike Asia Pacific, Middle East Exporters Prefer Sales to Diversified Markets
2.8 Qatar Petroleum and Exxon Mobil Corporation Dominate the Middle East LNG Industry
2.9 Over 80% of Middle East LNG Export Capacity is contracted under Long and Medium Term Contracts
2.10 Power generation, Industry Sector and Feedstock Usage to Drive Regasification Industry Growth
2.11 Despite Fourth Largest Gas Reserves, Saudi Arabia Continues to Struggle to meet its Domestic demand

3.1 Industry Snapshot
  3.1.1 Reserves and Production
  3.1.2 Liquefaction Capacity and Terminals
  3.1.3 Actual LNG Trade (Exports)
  3.1.4 Market Structure
  3.1.5 Regasification Front
3.2 Middle East to witness the largest natural gas production growth globally in the next decade
  3.2.1 Natural Gas Production in Middle East to Stand at 610.7 Bcm in 2020
3.3 Middle East LNG Exports Peaked in November at 7.54 million tonnes
  3.3.1 Middle East Monthly LNG Exports by Region, 2000- 2010
3.4 Driven by Investments in LNG, Middle East Oil and Gas Capital Expenditure will stand at $224 billion in 2011
3.5 LNG Projects in Middle East to be developed in joint ventures with International Oil Companies
3.6 Iraq plans new LNG terminal to monetize its Vented Natural Gas
3.7 Middle East LNG export Prices stood at $8.68/MMBtu during 2010
3.8 North Field Moratorium and Increasing domestic demand Restrain New Project Developments in Qatar
3.9 Yemen Sells its LNG at Cheapest Prices globally due to Low priced Long term contracts
3.10 Despite Low Gas Production, Low domestic demand Encourages Rise in Oman LNG exports

4.1 Middle East LNG Capital Expenditure Forecasts by Country, 2010- 2015
4.2 Iran and Iraq Plan Construction of New Liquefaction Terminals by 2015
4.3 Israel looking for Construction Contractor for its $400 million LNG plant
4.4 I.M. Skaugen SE to Operate the Bahrain LNG terminal
4.5 Middle East Countries Open their LNG industries for multi-national Companies
4.6 Middle East LNG Market Structure, 2010
4.7 Over 19% of Middle East LNG Capacity is Available for Contracting
4.8 United Arab Emirates and Qatar have the Largest Percentage of Non- Contracted Capacity in the Region
4.9 Middle East Countries Generate the Largest LNG Revenues Globally
4.10 Middle East Sells over 20% of their Production in Spot and Short Term Markets

5.1 Shifting Global LNG Trade Patterns
5.2 Middle East LNG Production Forecast by Country, 2000- 2020
5.3 Middle East LNG Demand Forecast by Country, 2000- 2020
5.4 Proven Natural Gas Reserves by Country, 2000- 2010
5.5 Middle East LNG Export Patterns, 2010

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