Sustainability in the European Interior Design Industry Examined in New Report Published by

12 Oct 2011 • by Natalie Aster
Sustainability in the European Interior Design Industry Examined in New Report Published by

LONDON – Sustainability efforts in the interior design field are principally impacted by such factors as generating cost savings and operational efficiency, strengthening competitive position and catering to client demand. Approximately 40% of interior design industry respondents expect to see an increase in profitability over the next 12 months due to implementation of sustainability. Today most critical criteria when choosing a supplier are energy consumption level, effective minimization of water consumption and use of recyclable or reusable product components.

New market research reportSustainability in the European Interior Design Industry 2011–2012prepared by World Market Intelligence features a detailed discussion of how companies in the interior design industry perceive sustainability. The report provides a thorough analysis of the principal drivers and challenges with regards to sustainability plus the market-specific growth opportunities associated with the implementation of sustainable practices. It spots successful sustainable initiatives and energy-efficiency measures adopted by various companies and examines the impact of sustainability on profits and cost saving targets set by companies. It also analyzes the procurement strategies and practices being undertaken and much more.

Report Details:

Title: Sustainability in the European Interior Design Industry 2011–2012: Market Trends and Opportunities, Forecast of Budgets and Profitability, Interior Design Industry Procurement and Marketing Initiative
Published: September, 2011
Pages: 150
Price: US$ 2,000

Reports Contents:

1.1 What is this report about?
1.2 Definitions
1.3 Methodology
1.4 Profile of survey respondents
  1.4.1 Profile of buyer respondents
  1.4.2 Profile of supplier respondents


3.1 Perception of sustainability
  3.1.1 Perception of sustainability - buyers

  3.1.2 Perception of sustainability - suppliers
  3.1.3 Perception of sustainability – turnover
3.2 Sustainability in business functions
  3.2.1 Sustainability in business functions - buyers
  3.2.2 Sustainability in business functions - suppliers
  3.2.3 Sustainability in business functions - turnover
3.3 Key drivers of sustainability
  3.3.1 Key drivers of sustainability - buyers
  3.3.2 Key drivers of sustainability - suppliers
  3.3.3 Key drivers of sustainability - turnover
3.4 Major barriers to sustainability
  3.4.1 Major barriers to sustainability - buyers
  3.4.2 Major barriers to sustainability - suppliers
  3.4.3 Major barriers to sustainability - turnover
3.5 Key markets for growth
  3.5.1 Key markets for growth - buyers
  3.5.2 Key markets for growth - suppliers
  3.5.3 Key Markets for Growth - Turnover

4.1 Organizational pre-requisites for sustainability
  4.1.1 Organizational pre-requisites for sustainability - buyers
  4.1.2 Organizational pre-requisites for sustainability – suppliers
  4.1.3 Organizational pre-requisites for sustainability - turnover
4.2 Implementation of sustainable measures
  4.2.1 Implementation of sustainable measures - buyers
  4.2.2 Implementation of sustainable measures - suppliers
  4.2.3 Implementation of sustainable measures - turnover
4.3 Sustainable design principles
  4.3.1 Sustainable design principles - buyers
  4.3.2 Sustainable design principles - suppliers
  4.3.3 Sustainable Design Principles - turnover
4.4 Key energy efficiency measures
  4.4.1 Key energy efficiency measures - buyers

  4.4.2 Key energy efficiency measures - suppliers
  4.4.3 Key energy efficiency measures – turnover
4.5 Effective monitoring of sustainability
  4.5.1 Effective monitoring of sustainability - buyers
  4.5.2 Effective monitoring of sustainability - suppliers
  4.5.3 Effective monitoring of sustainability - turnover
4.6 Sustainability monitoring tools
  4.6.1 Sustainability monitoring tools - buyers
  4.6.2 Sustainability monitoring tools - suppliers
  4.6.3 Sustainability monitoring tools - turnover

5.1 Cost saving expectations
  5.1.1 Cost saving expectations - buyers
  5.1.2 Cost saving expectations - suppliers
  5.1.3 Cost saving expectations - turnover

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