New Research Report “LTE Strategy 2012 - 2017” Now Available at

06 Oct 2011 • by Natalie Aster
New Research Report “LTE Strategy 2012 - 2017” Now Available at

LONDON – As the 3rd generation (3G) wireless broadband networks have reached the saturation point in many markets, to remain competitive service providers need to plan for the 4th generation (4G) LTE-based wireless broadband evolution. Such evolution planning involves many factors including: when and where to launch LTE; how much to continue to invest in existing 3G wireless networks and when to decommission such networks; purchasing new spectrum and re-farming existing spectrum, how to support voice traffic; and subscriber management and migration. Mathematical modeling of the optimal partition of 3G and 4G coverage is essential for driving the right business strategy.

LTE evolution is more than a move to a new technology. This evolution encompasses a shift in the service provider’s business model to a more sustainable and profitable one.

The new research report “LTE Strategy 2012 - 2017” developed by Mind Commerce Publishing presents a comprehensive coverage of LTE strategies and technology, providing recommendations for mobile network deployment through 2017. Furthermore, the study gives a detailed overview of the cellular market and mobile handsets, reveals major service developments, limelights device advancements, and more.

Report Details:

Title: LTE Strategy 2012 - 2017
Published: October, 2011
Pages: 206
Price: US$ 1,995.00

Report Contents:

Executive Summary.
History of NGN and LTE.
LTE Key Technologies.
LTE Architecture.
Service Architecture.
Layer 2 of LTE.
Downlink Logical14
Uplink Logical15
Mobility Across eNBs.
LTE Strategies.
LTE Strategies 2011-2012.
Strengths and Weakness of Broadband.
Current Market Segment.
Deploying EDGE/HSPA/HSPA+ Strategy.
Devices Developments.
Network Interfaces.
Mobile Interfaces.
High-Performance Broadband Systems Strategies.
EDGE/HSPA/LTE features 2011-2014.
Adoption of Technologies to 2030.
Migration from the Current Networks to LTE Strategies.
LTE Based Applications.
CDMA2000 with LTE.
WiMAX with LTE.
Comparison between LTE Solutions.
Throughput Performance.
LTE Performance Analysis.
VOIP over LTE.
Femtocell Technology.
Femtocell Features.
Femtocell Issues.
Deploying LTE Femtocell Strategies.
Femtocell Access Control Strategy.

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