New Cutting-Edge NanoMarkets Research Reports Recently Published by

05 Oct 2011 • by Natalie Aster
New Cutting-Edge NanoMarkets Research Reports Recently Published by

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that new in-demand NanoMarkets reports have been added to its catalogue.

Printed Gold: Gold Ink and Pastes Market – 2011. With silver inks still maintaining a dominant role in printed electronics, gold is expected to account for a profitable niche for ink makers. The report assesses and quantifies the applications for gold inks and pastes. It examines the products and firms that make up the printed gold business as well as the marketing strategies being used in the sector. The study incorporates eight-year market forecasts broken out both by application and by gold ink/paste chemistry and printing technology type. In addition, the report outlines the likely impact of the current price of gold on the printed gold sector …

Flexible Substrates Markets - 2011. Samsung’s going into production with flexible OLED displays in 2012 has lighted the fire in flexible electronics and photovoltaics.  The study provides true insights into the market for flexible substrates. Starting with analysis of likely development of the flexible electronics/PV market in the next decade, the report limelights the emerging opportunities for substrate firms wishing to generate new business revenues. Examination of the strategies of the top firms as well as forecasts of the flexible substrate market over the next eight years can also be found in the study …

Markets for OLED Encapsulation Materials – 2011. The report identifies the opportunities for encapsulation materials and technologies in the OLED market. It covers the commercial implications of technical developments in both materials and deposition equipment, as well as identifies the key factors for success for encapsulation materials suppliers in this space. The study also contains eight-year forecasts of the materials used for OLED encapsulation broken out by product type and application. The product development and marketing strategies of the top players in the OLED encapsulation materials sector are included as well …

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