New Comprehensive Study “Medical Imaging Markets: Image-Guided Surgery” Now Available at

13 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster
New Comprehensive Study “Medical Imaging Markets: Image-Guided Surgery” Now Available at

LONDON – Imaging technology is traditionally used as a means to diagnose illness and injury. However today its application field is widened to assistance usage in complete surgical procedures. Interventional radiology or image-guided surgery stands for the use of a real-time correlation of the operative field to preoperative imaging data that reflect the precise location of a surgical instrument to the respective anatomical structures. This technology thus offers additional diagnostic information and help a surgeon assess the adequacy of a repair. The market is growing vividly due to the expansion of application and consistent improvement and advances of the technological process.

New market research report Medical Imaging Markets: Image-Guided Surgeryprepared by Kalorama Information offers a deep insight into the use of imaging to assist surgical performance. Market data is examined for the US, Europe, Asia and ROW. The key segments of the market are reviewed, among them – X-Ray Fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, PET. The study also provides revenue and procedure data based on the completed experience.

Report Details:

Title: Medical Imaging Markets: Image-Guided Surgery
Published: August 2011
Pages: 130
Price: US$ 3,500

Report Contents:

1.1 Perspective
  1.1.1 A Major Role for Guidance
1.2 Guidance Systems
  1.2.1 Interventional Imaging
  1.2.2 Key Imaging Modalitie
  1.2.3 Components to Image-Guide Procedures
1.3 Key Uses
  1.3.1 Neurosurgery CT, MRI Impact
  1.3.2 Breast Biopsy
  1.3.3 Spinal Surgery
1.4 Significant Market Drivers and Trends
  1.4.1 Minimally Invasive Surgery
  1.4.2 Aging Population
1.5 World Market Summary
1.6 Methodology

2.1 The Need for Image Guidance
  2.1.1 The Advantages of Guidance
2.2 Critical Imaging Need
  2.2.1 Key Modalities X-Ray Limitations CT Interventional CT Guidance MRI MR Guided Ultrasound Ultrasound Field of View PET
2.3 Navigational Systems

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