New In-demand “Mobile Broadband for the Masses” Published by

02 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster
New In-demand “Mobile Broadband for the Masses” Published by

LONDON – The netbook, being a key catalyst of the changes reshaping the broadband access and mobile computing markets, is emerging as the mobile Internet device of choice for mass-market customers. The immediate outcome of these devices’ arrival in the market is to boost both PC and broadband penetration, especially in the mobile sector.

However, the prospects for these devices are not very clear. OEMs feel the downward pressure on laptop prices caused by inexpensive netbooks and fear cannibalizing sales of top ranking notebooks. Still, the way out for OEMs and broadband operators lies in supporting netbook sales and ultimately up-selling higher-end personalized devices as replacements.

The new research report “Mobile Broadband for the Masses” prepared by Pyramid Research provides analysis of the business case behind bundling netbooks with broadband access for both operators and OEMs, discusses major ongoing performances delivered by those operators that have embraced the use of netbooks, and assesses the value they have been able to extract from netbook sales. The European and the US operators covered include Orange, TMN, T-Mobile and Vodafone. Examples of netbook bundles targeting students as well as the potential for netbook bundle sales in the markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China are also featured.

Report Details:

Title: Mobile Broadband for the Masses
Published: May, 2009
Price: US$ 2,490.00

Report Contents:



1.1 First things first: Defining the netbook
1.2 Netbook drivers
  Driver one: Light mobile processors and a market push by Asian PC OEMs
  Driver two: An ailing world economy, low PC penetration and shifting demand
  Driver three: Selling to lower-income market segments and returns on 3G investments
1.3 Netbooks today
  Netbook sales and market shares
  Netbook prices and form factors
1.4 Netbooks tomorrow
  Hardware and software

2.1 The three Ps of the netbook value proposition: Price, portability and low power
  Netbook target segments
  Netbook value proposition for consumers: Affordable, portable, mobile
  CASE STUDY: Netbook bundles for students and schools in Portugal and France
  Netbook value proposition for businesses: Inexpensive and functional hardware to improve productivity

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