New Research Report “Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles” Now Available at

24 Aug 2011 • by Natalie Aster
New Research Report “Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles” Now Available at

LONDON – According to market expectations, approximately 8 million hybrid cars will be produced globally in 2021, each with a range extender, the additional power source that distinguishes them from usual electric cars. Moreover significant money today are spent on the same devices in buses, military vehicles, boats and large-scale new markets are emerging now.

Up-to-date range extenders usually consist of little more than off the shelf internal combustion engines, these are rapidly being replaced by second generation range extenders consisting of piston engines designed from scratch for fairly constant load in series hybrids.

New market research report Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles 2011-2021developed by IDTechEx delves into an in-depth discussion of range extenders for all the purposes - their evolving technology and market size. Every aspect and issue of the new range extenders is covered within the report. It reviews all the segments of the market presenting their comprehensive comparative analysis and offers complete market forecasts through 2021.

Report Details:

Title: Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles 2011-2021
Date: July, 2011
Pages: 216
Price: US$ 3,995

Report Contents:

1.1. Range extender market in 2021
1.2. EV Market 2011 and 2021
1.3. Ten year forecast for electric cars, hybrids and their range extenders
1.4. EV sales by type 2011-2021
1.5. Hybrid and pure electric vehicles compared
1.6. Hybrid market drivers
1.7. What will be required of a range extender 2012-2022
1.8. Three generations of range extender
1.9. Why range extenders need lower power over the years
1.10. Energy harvesting - mostly ally not alternative
1.11. Key trends for range extended vehicles

2.1. Types of electric vehicle
2.2. Many fuels
2.3. Born electric
2.4. Pure electric vehicles are improving
2.5. Series vs parallel hybrid
2.6. Modes of operation of hybrids
  2.6.1. Plug in hybrids
  2.6.2. Charge-depleting mode
  2.6.3. Blended mode
  2.6.4. Charge-sustaining mode
  2.6.5. Mixed mode
2.7. Microhybrid is a misnomer
2.8. Deep hybridisation
2.9. Battery cost and performance are key
2.10. Hybrid price premium
2.11. Progressing the REEV
2.12. What is a range extender?
  2.12.1. First generation range extender technology
  2.12.2. Second generation range extender technology
  2.12.3. Radically new approaches - Hüttlin range extender
  2.12.4. Third generation range extender technology
2.13. Market position of fuel cell range extenders
2.14. Energy harvesting on and in electric vehicles
Tradeoff of energy storage technologies
2.16. Trend to high voltage

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