Viettel Group Report: Decoding a Rare Success Among Vietnamese Enterprises

27 May 2011 • by Natalie Aster

Ho Chi Minh City - The report “Viettel Group Report: Decoding a Rare Success among Vietnamese Enterprises” is a comprehensive research about VIETTEL Group, the leading Vietnamese telecommunications operator and so far the most successful state-owned enterprise in Vietnam. The report addresses every single aspect of the growth path of the operator including, but not limited to the followings:

  • Overall key developments of VIETTEL from its starting point as a newcomer of the Vietnamese telecommunications industry to a telecommunications giant till date;
  • Company details which provide essential information on legal background, corporate governance, special features, charter capital, lines of business, management, staffs, subsidiaries and affiliates, revenues, profits, subscriber base, and network capacity of VIETTEL;
  • Comprehensive description of and deep analysis on strategic planning issues at VIETTEL including SWOT analysis and close review of the group’s “software” consisting of values, culture, leadership, and strategy;
  • Diligence on how VIETTEL performs strategy execution in reality concerning a rapid development in core businesses, strategic alliances and partnership, geographical expansion, vertical and horizontal integration, and diversification in selected areas;
  • Comments on rooms for further improvement for VIETTEL;
  • A detail look on every market component in the wireless sector including key industry figures such as market share, subscribers, and revenues in the past several years in VIETTEL’s key markets like Vietnam and Cambodia.

Report Details:

Viettel Group Report: Decoding a Rare Success among Vietnamese Enterprises
Published: May 2011
Pages: 53
Price: US$ 1,998.00

The report is very much helpful for policy makers and regulators, potential investors and business partners, suppliers of network and subscribers’ equipments, content and media providers, network providers, financial institutions, academic researchers, students, and businesses who wish to know and learn more about VIETTEL Group.

Join people who would benefit the most from the report, C-level executives, strategy planners, financial planners, business development executives, and sales and marketing staffs.

The report helps prevent readers from making costly mistakes thanks to comprehensive analysis with supporting evidence. The report provides thoughtful answers to the following questions: 1) what the big picture about the VIETTEL Group and Vietnamese mobile telecommunications industry is and 2) what we can learn from VIETTEL Group.

Subscriptions have been placed from esteemed organization operating in the field. A partial list of our clientele includes regional mobile operators. We attach hereunder table of contents and table of figures for your reference. The 53-page 24-figure comprehensive report is a few steps away. Our theme is that our subscribers will enjoy the highest service level.

More information can be found in the report “Viettel Group Report: Decoding a Rare Success among Vietnamese Enterprises” by NNMT Advisor.

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