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Acetic Anhydride Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Acetic Anhydride (otherwise referred to as ethanoic anhydride, abbreviated as Ac2O) stands for a colourless pungent-scented liquid compound with lacrimatory and vesicant effects and a formula of (CH3CO)2O. The compound is an excellent reagent in organic synthesis for the making of acetyl derivatives, including, among others, aspirin and a major cellulose ester – cellulose acetate. The product is also required for the refinement of opium into heroin.

Acetic Anhydride is made via methyl acetate carbonylation, and, less frequently, by acetic acid reacting with ketene. The latter route was invented in the early 1920s, the time noted for the heightened appetite for Acetic Anhydride on the back of large scale cellulose acetate production. In general, Acetic Anhydride is not too priced to be rather purchased than prepared for its usage in lab settings.

The market research reports in this Catalogue offer a clear understanding of the global Acetic Anhydride Industry, disclosing historical data and immediate-to-long-term future forecasts. All-round analyses of the regional as well as local markets for Acetic Anhydride are on hand in the reports too. The researches examine key market-related information such as the industry development, structure and capacity; Acetic Anhydride supply and demand; channels of marketing; and average pricing. Acetic Anhydride Market players are profiled, with the overall competitive setting examined in the research reports as well.

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Acetic Anhydride Markets in China US$ 4,000.00

China's demand for Acetic Anhydride has grown at a fast pace in the past decade. In the next ... ) and/or US dollars. Our market research reports provide hard-to-find market data and analyses. Today, China has the largest market in the world. Tremendous ...

January 2022 184 pages
Acetic Anhydride Industry Forecasts - China Focus US$ 1,800.00

This study focuses on China’s Acetic Anhydride industry forecasts. In the two past decades, the ... -term forecasts through 2023 and 2028 are presented. The primary and secondary research is done in China in ... reports focusing on the Chinese markets, industry forecasts and company profiles. We provide hard-to-find ...

January 2022 79 pages
Acetic Anhydride Companies in China US$ 1,800.00

This study focuses on China’s Acetic Anhydride industry assessments and company profiles. In the two past decades, the industry has been ... 1,500 reports focusing on the Chinese markets, industry forecasts and company profiles. We provide hard-to-find market data and analyses. Our ...

January 2022 61 pages
Acetic Anhydride: European Union Market Outlook 2021 and Forecast till 2026 US$ 1,800.00

Acetic Anhydride: European Union Market Outlook 2018 and Forecast till 2023 provides a complete overview of the market condition. All available data is ... an in-depth analysis of the European Union market for acetic anhydride, covering EU total and local markets. It provides current statistics, historical ...

December 2021 65 pages
International Trade in Acetic Anhydride: Trends and Prospects US$ 820.00

The reports examine global acetic anhydride market trends (historical, current and forecast) with respect to international trade including acetic anhydride global trade dynamics, exports/imports by geography, leading suppliers and consumers, average prices.

January 2021 52 pages
Acetic Anhydride Market - Industry Trends, Prices, Manufacturing Process, Applications, Raw Materials, Manufacturers, Regional Breakup and Mass Balance US$ 1,200.00

... factors in the acetic anhydride market? What are the key risk factors in the acetic anhydride market? Who are the key manufacturers in the acetic anhydride market? How is acetic anhydride manufactured? What are the chemical reactions involved during the manufacturing of acetic anhydride? What ...

February 2016 40 pages
Global Acetic Anhydride Market by Application (Cellulose Acetate, Pharmaceuticals, Perfumes, Others), by Geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Rest of the World) — Analysis & Forecast to 2019 US$ 4,250.00

... a share of 61.5%. The market in Asia-Pacific dominated the global acetic anhydride market, in terms of volume, in 2014, having accounted for a share of 46.0%. The growth of the global acetic anhydride market can be attributed to the rising demand for acetic anhydride in various ...

May 2015 72 pages
Acetic Anhydride Technical Material Market Report US$ 1,200.00

... ’s new TMMR “Acetic Anhydride Technical Material Market Report” provides a technical, analytical and statistical insight into the acetic anhydride market. The market ... by end-use industries, key success factors, key risk factors, feedstock market trends, import trends, export trends, etc. Apart from the market ...

February 2015 40 pages