UK Call Centres Market Development Report

Date: October 1, 2010
Pages: 73
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Publisher: Market and Business Development (MBD)
Report type: Strategic Report
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UK Call Centres Market Development Report
The UK call centre market research report analyses market positioning, European positioning, UK economy, market factors and size, market segmentation by sector and function, market trends, outsourcing versus internal supply. Multimedia, employment issues, software and regionality are also examined.

The report contains five year historical data, current market conditions and influences, together with a five year sector forecast by MBD analysts. The data is clearly presented and illustrated.

One of the main problems with analysing the UK call centre market is the general lack of clear definition that is agreed upon. Call centres can be either an internal marketing function within the “client” business, or the tasks undertaken by call centres can be subcontracted to third party service providers. This decision is partly determined by the desired function of the call centre and partly by company policy towards the utilisation of third party contractors and whether the task to be carried out is considered to be a core function of the client’s business. For the purpose of this report, the total call centres market includes both aspects of the industry.

Further, call centres can be utilised for a number of tasks, ranging from customer service functions to telesales. Indeed, a distinction can be made between centres primarily set up to handle incoming calls (such as customer service), outgoing calls (such as telesales), or both. Furthermore, call centres also tend to deal with other forms of communication other than just phone calls including emails, faxes and written correspondence. Call centres that deal with telephone as well as other forms of communication, such as emails, faxes and written correspondence tend to be referred to as contact centres. For the purpose of this report, contact centres are included in the call centres market.

The value of the market is particularly difficult to estimate as the majority of call centres are part of internal business operations and the apportioning of such costs is somewhat speculative. As such, it is more meaningful to quantify the market in terms of the number of centres and the number of “agents” (or workstations) utilised. The number of workstations does not necessarily equate to the same number of agents working in the call centre. There may be more than one agent per workstation, due to shift-working and part-time staff.


2.1 Definitions
2.2 Methodology
2.3 Abbreviations
2.4 Market Positioning
  2.4.1 Development of Market Position
2.5 UK Economy
2.6 Market Factors


3.1 Chapter Summary
3.2 Market Size
3.3 Market Segmentation
  3.3.1 By Market Sector
  3.3.2 By Function
3.4 Market Trends
  3.4.1 Outsourcing
  3.4.2 Multimedia Centres
  3.4.3 Employment Issues
  3.4.4 Software
3.5 Regionality


4.1 Chapter Summary
4.2 Industry Development
4.3 Structure by Employment
4.4 Structure by Turnover
4.5 Company Profiles
  4.5.1 Callcredit Marketing Solution (formerly known as Broadsystem)
  4.5.2 Club 24
  4.5.3 ClientLogic (UK)
  4.5.4 Inkfish Call Centres
  4.5.5 KC Contact Centres
  4.5.6 LBM
  4.5.7 MM Teleperformance
  4.5.8 Telecom Service Centres
  4.5.9 Response (Building Rewarding Relationship)
  4.5.10 SITEL UK


5.1 Chapter Summary
5.2 Market Size
5.3 Industry


6.1 Trade Associations
6.2 Trade Magazines
6.3 Trade Exhibitions
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