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Market Research Report of TD-SCDMA, WCDMA & CDMA2000 in China, 2009

February 2009 | 60 pages | ID: M8CAD1475E7EN
China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd.

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On 7 Jan, 2009, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC issued 3 third-generation mobile telephone licenses. China Mobile got a TD-SCDMA license; China Telecom got a CDMA2000 license while China Unicom got a WCDMA license.

Chinese paid too much attention to 3G and it is estimated that there are over 40 billion USD will be invested in 3G market of China. WCDMA and CDMA are popular standards in the world while TD-SCDMA is China's own special standard. China Mobile, the operator of TD-SCDMA in China, faces opportunities and challenges. China Unicom, China’s second largest mobile service provider, got the most popular 3G standard, but it is hard to say if it will keep up with China Mobile. China Telecom, whom bought China Unicom’s CDMA network, is the largest fixed-line telephone company in the world, has little experience in mobile communications services.

If a 3G standard could succeed in China, the supply of terminal equipments is necessary. The support of International mobile phone giants will affect the operators’ development prospects.

From this report, our clients could know:
-The market share in China’s mobile communications market.
-Which will affect the prospects of 3G standards in China?
-Operation characteristics of 3 mobile operators in China.
-Why the support of international mobile phone giants is important to China’s mobile operators.
-In the 2G era, Robin Hood cell phones became an important part of China’s cell phone market; will they play an important role in the 3G time?

  Research objectives

Profiles China's 3G market
  3G technology
  License issuing
  Market scale
  Sales of cell phones

Applications of China's 3G market
  Value-added services

Analysis of 3G cell phone market in China
  TD-SCDMA cell phone market
  WCDMA cell phone market
  CDMA 2000 cell phone market
  Smuggled 3G cell phone market
  Robin Hood 3G cell phone market

Analysis of the development of China’s 3G market
  Forecast on subscribers
  Forecast on technical development
  Analysis of development drivers
  Analysis of development obstacles


Chart General views on issued 3G licenses in China
Chart Major TD-SCDMA cell phone in China 2009
Chart Subscribers of 3G in China, 2008-2012
Chart Shipments of 3G phones in China, 2008-2012
Chart Subscribers of WCDMA in China, 2009-2014
Chart Revenue of 3G market in China, 2008-2012

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