Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS): Market Research Report

Date: January 1, 2012
Pages: 69
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Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS): Market Research Report
The global outlook series on Laboratory Information Management Systems provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings.

The report offers a rudimentary overview of the industry with an on-the-fly focus on LIMS application in pharmaceutical industry.

Key insights are provided for other end-use segments such as clinical laboratories, biorepositories, forensics, environmental, public health, manufacturing and food and beverage industries, The report details trends such as, growing popularity of Enterprise-Wide and Commercial Off the Shelf LIMS solutions and increased demand for Pharmaceutical LIMS from Contract Research Organizations.

Additionally, interoperability issues of LIMS solutions and longer implementation time for commercial LIMS solutions are also covered.

The reader stands to gain macro-level insights into recent industry developments such as product launches, and noteworthy strategic corporate developments.

Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 130 major companies worldwide.

Information Management Systems (IMS): A Prelude
Major Applications
Laboratory Information Management Systems: A Quick Primer
History and Evolution
LIMS: A Peek into the Industry’s Changing Landscape
Global Market Metrics
Emerging Markets to Drive Future Growth

Table 1. World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) by Geographic Region - US, Canada, Japan, Europe and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenue Figures in US$ Million for Years 2010 through 2015
Table 2. World 5-Year Perspective for Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) by Geographic Region - Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for US, Canada, Japan, Europe and Rest of World Markets for the Years 2011 and 2015

Unraveling the Business Case for LIMS…
Measuring the Benefits Offered
What Does It Take to Survive in the Marketplace?
New Service Delivery Modules & Technology Advancements Drive LIMS Market
Emergence of SaaS as an Effective Distribution Model for LIMS
SaaS Model in Pharmaceutical Industry
LIMS in the Cloud – The Latest Trend
Addressing Needs of Small & Mid-Sized Customers
Concerns over Regulatory Compliance & Security Hamper Adoption
Noteworthy Market Trends & Issues
Dispersed Laboratory Facilities Heighten the Need for Integration of Local & Central Laboratory Functions
Enterprise-Wide LIMS Rise in Popularity
Fragmented Implementation of LIMS in Life Science Companies
Vendors Eye New Opportunities in Enterprise LIMS
Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Solutions: The New Flavor
Early Stages of Drug Discovery: An Unmet Niche Area
Pharmaceutical Industry: The Largest End-User
Enterprise-Level LIMS for Pharma Sector
Increased Demand from CROs Augurs Well for LIMS Market
Workflow Automation and Data Storage Needs
Need for Electronic Pharma Labs
Customization – Essential for Standard LIMS Products
Web Services Enable LIMS Integration
Integration with ELNs and SDMS
LIMS Face Competition from ELNs
Interoperability: A Major Challenge
Efforts to Develop Open Standards


LIMS: A Definition
Investment Criterions
Key End-Use Sectors
LIMS for the Life Sciences Industry
Life Sciences Research & Development (R&D)
R&D in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Special Focus
Life Sciences Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: A Special Focus
Clinical Trials
Opportunities in the Life Sciences Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry: A Haven for Mining Opportunities
Challenges Posed by the Regulatory Environment
LIMS in Clinical Laboratories
Biorepository: A Potential Laden End-Use
Forensics: An Emerging End-Use Sector
Scientific Information Explosion in the Field of Biotechnology Offers a Strong Business Case for LIMS
LIMS for General Non-Life Sciences
Environmental Industry
Manufacturing Industry
Food and Beverage Industry
Public Health





Market Overview
Information Systems in Healthcare Sector
Electronic Medical and Health Records (EMR/EHR)
Legislative and Regulatory Reforms
A Sneak Peek into Select End-Use Sectors
Public Health
Overcrowding Makes Vendor Choice a Daunting Task
Environmental Industry


A Primer
Pharmaceutical Industry: The Largest End-User
LIMS Witnesses Growth in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Tightening Pharmaceutical Regulations Rakes in Design Challenges
Pharmaceutical R&D: An Attractive Sub-Sector
Regional Dynamics
Market Structure
A Peek into Survival Strategies


Emergence of LIMS in India
Market Scenario
Global Directory
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