iPad and Smartphone: Pharma & the Super Mobile Revolution

Date: November 1, 2011
Pages: 29
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iPad and Smartphone: Pharma & the Super Mobile Revolution
Every day, it seems better, faster and more advanced mobile digital devices are being launched, along with apps, operating systems and user interfaces.

The challenge isn’t just keeping up with new technology—but how it’s changing the way the industry does business. That’s why FirstWord is offering a special price for two timely and critical reports on the ‘super mobile’ revolution and how it’s affecting pharma and health care providers.


Report Overview

Our latest report, iPad and Smartphone: Pharma and the Super Mobile Revolution examines the rapid changes in mobile and tablet technology, including the trend by HCPs and the industry to use multiple devices to positively impact work flow and business operations. The report tracks how the industry is addressing training, security, consumerization of IT within organizations and advances such as HTML5-Flash and apps.


Key features
  • Examination of the major tablets, smartphones and competitors
  • Discussion of purchasing and leasing behaviours by major companies
  • Analysis of security issues surrounding private device use
  • Discussion of the key issues surrounding Flash, HTML5, app trends and new skills
  • Forward-looking analysis of the future of smart technology
Purchase Reasons

Key Benefits
  • Expert insight from pharma marketers, agencies and physicians on the impact of mobile technology on communications, client relations and workflow
  • Practical tactics for adopting a 'super mobile' approach and addressing security, leasing, training and digital training
  • Key insights into future trends in mobile strategies, search, social apps and the consumerization of IT
Who Should Read This Report
  • Sales directors and managers
  • Brand managers
  • Medical affairs managers
  • Key account and territory managers
  • SFE/CRM managers
  • Communications and technology support teams
Key quotes

“You’ve got people who already have two, in some extreme cases, three devices. We've got a pretty substantial technology investment as an organization. Should people get a third or fourth device? That is a question we're still answering.”
– Nick Dawson, Administrative Director Community Engagement, Bon Secours Health System

The iPad offers instant gratification in that there is no boot-up time. It means that the device is always ready. When you are walking down the hall with a doctor, you cannot have any barriers in your way. The iPad strips all of those barriers away.”
– Bill Drummy, founder and CEO of Heartbeat Ideas

Expert Views
  • Alex Butler, Founder and Owner, The Social Moon
  • Nick Dawson, Administrative Director Community Engagement, Bon Secours Health System
  • Craig DeLarge, Director, Professional Relationship Marketing, Novo Nordisk
  • AShwen Gwee, VP of Digital Health, Edelman

The Super Mobile revolution, multiple devices
Apple and iOS dominate
Pharma follows physicians' interests in devices
Samsung Galaxy leads Android tablets
Keeping up with technological change
Purchasing behavior
Leasing options
Personal and professional lines are blurring
The device is not the message
Beyond content, "contact" is king
Physician to patient activity
Flash and HTML5
App trends
The future of communication requires new skill sets
Digital detailing and cross-generations
iPad training
What's next


Making the business case for tablets
Choosing a device
The iPad appeal
Android or agnostic?
Cementing a strategy
Embracing content creation
The value of data
Introducing tablets
Optimizing rep-physician interaction
Creating physician value
Closing the loop on closed loop marketing
Increasing internal efficiency
Minimizing cost
Speed of deployment
Ensuring ROI
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iPad and Smartphone: Pharma & the Super Mobile Revolution
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