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India Handset Shipments, Vendor Market Share, Strategies and Key Trends Q3’2011

January 2012 | 40 pages | ID: IE6E5EB0349EN
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This report provides an in-depth assessment of handset shipments, vendor market share, strategies and key trends in Q3’2011 for the mobile handsets industry in India. Mobile handset shipments in India have been increasing and they were highest in 2010 with 146.93 million units. The shipments in 2011 are expected to reach all time high as the shipment for 3 quarters in 2011 is 125.32 million units. By the end of Q4’2011, a yearly figure of 162 million units is expected. India has been one of the major players in the Asia Pacific handset shipments and since 2009 India has been able to capture more than 20% of the overall Asia Pacific shipments, with a market share of over There has been quarter on quarter growth in the handset shipments in India barring a few exceptions in two quarters. Local manufacturing has been very beneficial for mobile handset makers in India and many Indian players are manufacturing the product locally. All the other players, who do not have the local manufacturing, are planning to start the manufacturing to get away with the problems of currency exchange rates and supply side spikes. Nokia has been the top player in the Indian mobile handset market and it has achieved a market share of 29.44% in 2011 for all the three quarters. Nokia has been losing its share to new entrants and local players in the Indian market. Samsung is coming strongly and it is in the second place with 14.34% market share. The share of Samsung is up by 14.63% from 2010. Though all the players are trying to gain market share but still Nokia is way above all of them and it will take a long time before anyone else can take the lead position. Local players Micromax, Maxx, Lava and Videocon are gaining market share and most of them have launched low cost phones with features such as dual-SIM, long battery life etc. Local players also have the advantage of local manufacturing.

1.1 Coverage
1.2 Executive Summary


2.1 Historical Market Size and Share for Asia and India
  2.1.1 Historical Handset Shipments
  2.1.2 Historical Quarter on Quarter Growth
2.2 Asia and India Shipment : 2011 Quarter 1-3
  2.2.1 Handset Shipment 2011 to Date


3.1. Trends in Handset Shipment to India
  3.1.1 Historical Handset Shipment
  3.1.2 Handset Shipment 2011 Quarter 1-3
  3.1.3 India Handset Shipment 2011 Quarter 1-3, compared to 2010 and 2009
  3.1.4 India Share of Handset Shipments in Asia


4.1 Historical Trends by Vendor
  4.1.1 Historical Handset Shipment Vendors by Volume
  4.1.2 Historical Handset Shipment Vendors Market Share
4.2 2011 Quarters 1-3 Shipment to India
  4.2.1 2011 Quarters 1-3 Handset Shipment Vendors Market Share
  4.2.2 2011 Quarter 1 Handset Shipment Vendors
  4.2.3 2011 Quarter 2 Handset Shipment Vendors
  4.2.4 2011 Quarter 3 Handset Shipment Vendors
  4.2.5 Vendor Strategies Nokia Samsung Micromax Spice Maxx Mobile Karbonn LG Videocon Sony Ericsson ZTE RIM

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