Global Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry

Date: June 23, 2011
Pages: 150
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Global Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry
A fixed line phone refers to a telephone line which travels through a solid medium, either metal wire or optical fiber, as distinguished from a mobile cellular line, where transmission is via radio waves. Fixed lines usually have a lower price for calling time, and the user hardware costs less than mobile phones, but they are less convenient.

Aruvian’s R’search presents an analysis of the global fixed line telecommunication industry – Global Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry. The research report begins with an analysis of the basics of the telecommunication industry and then moves on to analyze the global industry. The report analyzes the market segmentation, market share, and industry value and volume. An analysis of the 56 major players in the fixed line telecommunication industry includes SWOT analyses of the players, business segment analysis and a corporate profile. The report analyzes 26 of the major markets in the world.


B.1 Overview
B.2 History of the Industry
B.3 Understanding the Basic Telecom System
B.4 Analog/Digital Communications Signals
B.5 Role of Communications Networks
B.6 Role of Communications Channels
B.7 Economic Impact of the Telecom Industry


C.1 Industry Definition
C.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
C.3 Market Share
C.4 Market Segmentation



E.1 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Taiwan
E.1.1 Market Overview
E.1.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.1.3 Market Share
E.1.4 Market Segmentation
E.1.5 Competition in the Market
E.1.6 Future Perspective
E.2 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in South Africa
E.2.1 Market Overview
E.2.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.2.3 Market Share
E.2.4 Market Segmentation
E.2.5 Competition in the Market
E.2.6 Future Perspective
E.3 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Japan
E.3.1 Market Overview
E.3.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.3.3 Market Share
E.3.4 Market Segmentation
E.3.5 Competition in the Market
E.3.6 Future Perspective
E.4 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in South Korea
E.4.1 Market Overview
E.4.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.4.3 Market Share
E.4.4 Market Segmentation
E.4.5 Competition in the Market
E.4.6 Future Perspective
E.5 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Hungary
E.5.1 Market Overview
E.5.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.5.3 Market Share
E.5.4 Market Segmentation
E.5.5 Competition in the Market
E.5.6 Future Perspective
E.6 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Mexico
E.6.1 Market Overview
E.6.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.6.3 Market Share
E.6.4 Market Segmentation
E.6.5 Competition in the Market
E.6.6 Future Perspective
E.7 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Czech Republic
E.7.1 Market Overview
E.7.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.7.3 Market Share
E.7.4 Market Segmentation
E.7.5 Competition in the Market
E.7.6 Future Perspective
E.8 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Singapore
E.8.1 Market Overview
E.8.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.8.3 Market Share
E.8.4 Market Segmentation
E.8.5 Competition in the Market
E.8.6 Future Perspective
E.9 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Germany
E.9.1 Market Overview
E.9.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.9.3 Market Share
E.9.4 Market Segmentation
E.9.5 Competition in the Market
E.9.6 Future Perspective
E.10 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Russia
E.10.1 Market Overview
E.10.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.10.3 Market Share
E.10.4 Market Segmentation
E.10.5 Competition in the Market
E.10.6 Future Perspective
E.11 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Norway
E.11.1 Market Overview
E.11.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.11.3 Market Share
E.11.4 Market Segmentation
E.11.5 Competition in the Market
E.11.6 Future Perspective
E.12 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in India
E.12.1 Market Overview
E.12.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.12.3 Market Share
E.12.4 Market Segmentation
E.12.5 Competition in the Market
E.12.6 Future Perspective
E.13 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Poland
E.13.1 Market Overview
E.13.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.13.3 Market Share
E.13.4 Market Segmentation
E.13.5 Competition in the Market
E.13.6 Future Perspective
E.14 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in China
E.14.1 Market Overview
E.14.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.14.3 Market Share
E.14.4 Market Segmentation
E.14.5 Competition in the Market
E.14.6 Future Perspective
E.15 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Brazil
E.15.1 Market Overview
E.15.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.15.3 Market Share
E.15.4 Market Segmentation
E.15.5 Competition in the Market
E.15.6 Future Perspective
E.16 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Italy
E.16.1 Market Overview
E.16.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.16.3 Market Share
E.16.4 Market Segmentation
E.16.5 Competition in the Market
E.16.6 Future Perspective
E.17 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in France
E.17.1 Market Overview
E.17.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.17.3 Market Share
E.17.4 Market Segmentation
E.17.5 Competition in the Market
E.17.6 Future Perspective
E.18 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Belgium
E.18.1 Market Overview
E.18.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.18.3 Market Share
E.18.4 Market Segmentation
E.18.5 Competition in the Market
E.18.6 Future Perspective
E.19 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Canada
E.19.1 Market Overview
E.19.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.19.3 Market Share
E.19.4 Market Segmentation
E.19.5 Competition in the Market
E.19.6 Future Perspective
E.20 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Australia
E.20.1 Market Overview
E.20.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.20.3 Market Share
E.20.4 Market Segmentation
E.20.5 Competition in the Market
E.20.6 Future Perspective
E.21 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Denmark
E.21.1 Market Overview
E.21.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.21.3 Market Share
E.21.4 Market Segmentation
E.21.5 Competition in the Market
E.21.6 Future Perspective
E.22 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Sweden
E.22.1 Market Overview
E.22.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.22.3 Market Share
E.22.4 Market Segmentation
E.22.5 Competition in the Market
E.22.6 Future Perspective
E.23 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in the UK
E.23.1 Market Overview
E.23.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.23.3 Market Share
E.23.4 Market Segmentation
E.23.5 Competition in the Market
E.23.6 Future Perspective
E.24 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in the US
E.24.1 Market Overview
E.24.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.24.3 Market Share
E.24.4 Market Segmentation
E.24.5 Competition in the Market
E.24.6 Future Perspective
E.25 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in the Netherlands
E.25.1 Market Overview
E.25.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.25.3 Market Share
E.25.4 Market Segmentation
E.25.5 Competition in the Market
E.25.6 Future Perspective
E.26 Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry in Spain
E.26.1 Market Overview
E.26.2 Industry Volume & Market Value
E.26.3 Market Share
E.26.4 Market Segmentation
E.26.5 Competition in the Market
E.26.6 Future Perspective


F.1 Axtel S.A.B. de C.V.
F.2 Belgacom SA
F.3 Bell Canada
F.4 Bharat Sanchar Nigam
F.5 Bharti Airtel Limited
F.6 Brasil Telecom Participacoes SA
F.7 BT Group
F.8 Ceske Radiokomunikace
F.9 China Telecom
F.10 China Unicom
F.11 Chunghwa Telecom
F.12 Deutsche Telekom AG
F.13 Embratel Participacoes SA
F.14 Fastweb SpA
F.15 France Telecom SA
F.16 Futur Telecom
F.17 Golden Telecom
F.18 Grupo Corporativo ONO SAU
F.19 GTS Novera
F.20 Hungarian Telecom & Cable
F.21 KDDI Corporation
F.22 KT Corporation
F.23 LG Dacom Corporation
F.24 Magyar Telekom
F.25 Mahanagar Telephone Nigam
F.26 Manitoba Telecom
F.27 Maxcom Telecomunicaciones
F.28 N.V.Royal Koninklijke N.V.
F.29 Netia S.A.
F.30 Neuf Cegetel
F.31 NTT Corporation
F.32 Orange S.A.
F.33 Sing Tel
F.34 SingTel Optus
F.35 Sistema JSFC
F.36 Softbank
F.37 Starhub
F.38 Svyazinvest
F.39 Taiwan Mobile
F.40 Tele Norte Leste Participacoes SA
F.41 Tele2 AB
F.42 Telecom Italia SpA
F.43 Telefonia Dialog
F.44 Telefonica O2 Czech Republic
F.45 Telefonica, S.A.
F.46 Telefonos de Mexico
F.47 Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.
F.48 Telenor ASA
F.49 TeliaSonera AB
F.50 Telkom SA
F.51 Telstra Corporation
F.52 TELUS Corporation
F.53 Versatel Telecom International
F.54 Virgin Media
F.55 Vodafone Group PLC
F.56 Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA


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Global Fixed Line Telecommunication Industry
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